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Prince Central Plaza completes construction

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Neak Ouknha Chen Zhi (right) and Mr. Qui Guo Xing (left)

Prince Central Plaza completes construction

Recently, Neak Ouknha Chen Zhi, board director of Prince Real Estate (Cambodia ) Group, accompanied by Mr. Qiu Guo Xing, Vice President of Board Executive of engineering ,and team contractor representatives made an eight-day visit to the construction site to supervise projects such as Prince Plaza Center, Modern Plaza , Prince Club Project, Prince Time Hotel, and Koh Takev in Sihanoukville province.

During the visit, Chen also attended a donation program organized by the Charitable Foundation Princess Real Estate in Sihanoukville and donated some equipment to more than 1,000 families in need, totaling UD$24,200.

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The delegation listened to reports on the project's process. Chen evaluated the work so far, expressing hopes that everyone will continue to do great work and to be extra diligent to ensure the quality of the work on the projects. He believes that in order for Prince Real Estate to become a leading enterprise in this sector and receive the support from the customers, construction must meet a high quality, while residential projects be aesthetically pleasing.

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Prince Plaza Centre is one of the developments being developed by Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group, drawing interest and support of customers both in the country and overseas. The project is set to become an iconic building in the Phnom Penh city. Another new Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group’s project is Prince Modern Plaza, a residential project for urban youths. Along with the Prince Plaza Centre and the Prince Times Plaza projects, this project is in the designing phase waiting to become a business and financial centre of Phnom Penh. In addition, Prince Real Estate Group has also purchased some building projects in Koh Pich Convention Centre (such as Diamond One and Diamond International building project), which belong to the Xin Tian Jain Company, in an aim at expanding our business.

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On April 22, Neak Oknha Cheng Zi, Chairman of the board of directors of the Prince Real Estimate (Cambodia) Group, accompanied by Chhiv Kua Sing, deputy executive director of the board of directors and his task force visited Preah Sihanouk Province, going further to Koh Takiev Island, in order to study and find out about the potential of the island.

He decided to attend to the detailed reports about the Koh Takiev Island development project. Having looked around, the chairman was strongly determined to develop the island sites to be one of the most famous, exciting and relaxing tourist destination and recreation sites in the country, and around the world.

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The Prince Real Estate Group’s luxurious and beautiful Koh Takiev development project will span 307.6 hectares. The development is comprised of a recreation centre, a large-scale supermarket and a port for entertainment and boat rentals, and so on.

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Love has no limits. On April 22, Neak Oknha Chen Zi, President of the Board of Directors of Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group and Chhiv Kour Sinh, Vice President of the Board of Directors participated in a donation program organised by Prince Real Estate Fund Organisation in Sihanoukville by supporting materials to more than 1000 poor families. In the program, H.E Sar Sokha thanked Prince Real Estate Group and invited the president Chen Zi to visit Preah Sihanouk provincial police station to have a tour of the facilities.

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Prince Real Estate Group always pays attention to and participates in social affairs, contributing US$2 for every one square metre of its projects sold, which goes into the Prince Real Estate Fund Organization for social affairs. For two years, Prince Real Estate Group has organised programs to hand out donations to hospitals, orphanages, schools in provinces such as Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Battambang, amounting to a total of almost US$1 million that have helped the lives of over 50,000 people.

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Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group is a large-scale enterprise and has multiple businesses, being joined by big international companies in the real estate, internet, as well as finance sectors. Currently, we have nine development and education projects, and a subsidiary of 13 companies and instructions.

Established in 2015, Prince Real Estate Group considers “mission, responsibility, respect, attention, invention” as its enterprise spirit, issuing long-term development strategies in Cambodia by focusing on Phnom Penh as its core point and continuing development in provinces – namely Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

Regarding the future development plan along with its main business development, Prince Real Estate Group will bring businesses into Cambodia including the operation of hotels, clubs and supermarkets. This will be through the establishment of supermarkets in buildings and the constructing of hotels in prime tourist areas such as Sihanoukville and Siem Reap. Prince Real Estate Group will continue its efforts to contribute to build Cambodia and strengthen Cambodian-Chinese relationship through the “One belt-One road policy”.

Prince Central Plaza will be completed on May 20 before its slated deadline

Under thorough inspection and smooth construction progress, Prince Central Plaza will be completed on May 20 before its slated deadline. This achievement reflects the hard work and efforts of all staff of Prince Real
Estate Group. Prince Real Estate Group would like to invite all of you to join the celebration and witness the groundbreaking of this incredible event

Prince Real Estate Group is developing into the leading enterprise property sector

Prince Central Plaza is the first project of Prince Real Estate Group in Cambodia. The construction of the company's debut project was launched in June 2015, and exclusive unit sales opened in July, with official sates made public in December. By July 2016, the underground foundation had been finished and in September, the business building was completed. Today, Prince Central Plaza marches closer towards completion. Prince Real Estate Group is developing into the leading enterprise property sector in Cambodia. This project will become a historical event in the construction sector in Phnom Penh.

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Located in Phnom Penh's prime area

Prince Central Plaza is located in the south of Norodom Boulevard, near landmarks like the Independence Monument, Aeon Mall, and many embassies. This special location turns Prince Central Plaza into the destination of investors from all over the world. Investors from China, England, United States, Japan, Korea have purchased units in our development. Having sold 1,000 units, Prince Central Plaza is the best-selling project in Phnom Penh.

Aiming for international standards of living

Prince Central Plaza consists of commercial offices, supermarket, restaurants, condo— luxurious SoHo and loft units— and clubs. It is equipped with many other facilities such as shopping malls, tourist spots, and entertainment and culture complexes. That also brings about the international living style and creates a one-entrance living compound in Phnom Penh.

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Other investments on Koh Pich (Diamond Island)

Prince Real Estate Group's projects at Koh Pich Island are Diamond 1 and Diamond International which the Group bought over from Xin Tian Jian Company. On May 20, customers of these two condo developments will be able to check and see their units, while waiting for the keys to be handed to them on June 30. This plush development with a river view and French architecture will physically belong to their owners in no time.

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Branching out into other successful developments

Prince Modern Plaza is the second project of Prince Real Estate Group after Prince Central Plaza, and has proved very popular among the affluent Cambodian youths. Currently, the project is slated to reach the final stage of construction very soon. The Prince Modern Plaza, Prince Central Plaza, and Prince Time Hotel will transform the area into the capital city's financial centre.

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Prince Time Hotel is in the active construction process

Prince Time Hotel is the Group's 5-star hotel project located on the main road in Preah Sihanouk Town. This hotel serves as a place for ultra relaxation, with complexes for entertainment, dining, and performances. At the moment, it is in the construction stage and this project will be completed and opened in 2018. Prince Time Hotel will become the new symbol for Preah Sihanouk province.


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