In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, Sathapana Bank, a leading Cambodian commercial bank, has launched Mouy Teat – One More, an inspirational film telling the story of Som and the challenges she faces as the owner of a fabric store.

Juggling running her business and taking care of her daughter, the film focuses on Som's positive approach to life and her determination to succeed – by each time taking one more step.

Mouy Teat – One More serves as a reminder that the foundation of productivity is good habits – the compound interest of self-improvement and success.

The effects of going for one more each time multiply as they are repeated. While they can appear to make little difference on any given day, the impact over time can be great.

As a leading financial institution committed to improving gender equality, financial inclusion and increasing the potential inclusivity in future technology, Sathapana Bank launched the “I’m Financially Literate (IFL)” programme.

In partnership with Khmer Enterprise, the Credit Guarantee Corporation of Cambodia (CGCC) and Manulife Cambodia, the programme aims to provide practical business training and networking opportunities to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), particularly to women in business.

More importantly, to provide accessible financial services for Cambodian women, Sathapana Bank introduced “Women in Business (WiB)”, which is specially designed for women in the SME segment.

Under this programme, Women in Business can enjoy special rates from signature products such as Business Installment Loans, Flexi Lending for Home Loans, Payment Solutions and Smart Savings Accounts.

“At Sathapana Bank, we are proud to support and empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to finance, training and skills development – all through our various programmes.

"The need for inclusive and transformative technology and digital education is therefore crucial for a sustainable future.

"Our goal is to see greater economic opportunities for women and continue to build an inclusive economy for Cambodia,” said Jennifer Lee, Sathapana Bank's Chief Transformation Officer.

The recent launch of the Sathapana Neary Credit Card is also a significant reflection of the bank’s commitment to providing financial inclusion for its female customers.

It is the first women-focused credit card from Sathapana Bank, offering a variety of specially tailored benefits for women, such as receiving 10 per cent cashback, or up to $50 on weekend purchases, 0.5 per cent unlimited cashback for all purchases and much more – with no annual fees for the first two years.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, female customers will stand the chance to win beautiful diamond pendant necklaces when they apply for and use the new Sathapana Neary Credit Card during the promotional period of March 1-31, 2023.

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In the Sathapana working environment, equality is key for inclusion, which in turn is key for achieving a sense of belonging and alignment with the bank's values.

With more women in senior positions, Sathapana Bank focuses on providing a better working environment and improved communication, said Chhim Sam Ol, Chief People and Legal Officer.

“I believe we are on the path to creating a workplace that is diverse, equitable and inclusive for women. We empower and support women leaders in all their diversity and abilities.

"Together at Sathapana Bank, we can forge women’s equality and practise providing equal opportunities and hold fast to a ‘No Discrimination Policy’,” she said.