Ministry of Tourism officials are preparing an exhibition of unique local products which will be proudly displayed at the upcoming 7th River Festival in Kampong Thom province. The festival is scheduled to take place from March 8.

On March 1, Minister of Tourism Thong Khon, together with officials from the ministry and the provincial administration, announced plans to prepare the exhibition.

“At the 7th River Festival, there will be a display of Khmer food, as well as a showcase of tourism products and handicrafts, including goods from the One Village One Product movement. This will attract domestic and international visitors,” said Khon.

In addition to the exhibits, there will be ethnic dances, musical concerts and fireworks. Local cultural sites will also be highlighted, to teach guests at the festival about the long cultural history of the province, and indeed the Kingdom.

“The 7th River Festival aims to promote the tourism potential of the provinces along the river and encourage people in those areas to participate in community tourism development work,” added the minister.

Keo Mom, the owner of Ly Ly Food Industry, which produces rice crackers and dried fruit snacks, said that she always made sure her products were present at any events organised by the tourism ministry, as she believed it was important to promote and support locally made goods.

“At all events – not just the river festival – I support the exhibition of Cambodian products. It is a great opportunity for local producers to discover new markets, and an excellent chance to introduce the public to our goods and teach them that Cambodian products are just as high quality as those from abroad,” she added.

Bun Sieng, head of the Natural Agriculture Village, said that many people are surprised when they attend exhibitions of Cambodian products at important national events.

“It seems that many members of the public are unaware that the Kingdom grows high quality organic fruit and vegetables,” she added.

“We use events like the River Festival to promote our accomplishments in growing quality, safe delicious produce. We find we get a lot of support from the visitors,” she continued.

The 7th River Festival is scheduled to take place in Kampong Thom province on March 8-10. It will focus on tourism education and promotion, including the connection between culture, history and the environment. In addition to Khmer products, it will also be used to promote the SEA Games.