Move joins Wing Bank to enhance ride-hailing transport services and foster financial inclusion in Cambodia.

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc and Move – by LM CAR – have forged a strategic collaboration to revolutionise transportation services and digital payment solutions in Cambodia.

"This collaboration reflects our vision to create a more connected and inclusive society," stated Hor Bunthe, deputy CEO of Wing Bank. "By partnering with Move, we are taking a significant step towards empowering every Cambodian with accessible financial tools and reliable transportation.”

The partnership was solidified with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Hor Bunthe, Deputy CEO of Wing Bank, and Zheng Pei, CEO of Move, in the presence of senior management from both organisations.

The collaboration places a high priority on the safety, comfort and convenience of Cambodian commuters by leveraging Move's cutting-edge transportation services and Wing Bank's robust digital payment platform.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Wing Bank," said Pei. "This partnership marks a significant milestone as we expand our commitment to providing seamless and secure ride-hailing experiences while integrating innovative financial solutions."

"We eagerly anticipate the positive impact this collaboration will have on our customers' daily lives. Together with Wing Bank, we are dedicated to creating value and enhancing the overall experience for our users,” he added.

The collaboration will empower Move users with streamlined payments and the convenience of cashless transactions through Wing Bank's integrated digital payment solutions, promoting financial inclusion and thereby empowering individuals historically underserved by traditional banking systems.

“Together, we are making transportation safer and payments simpler, contributing to a more inclusive and connected society,” Bunthe concluded.

The collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to the future of transportation and financial services in Cambodia, showcasing Move and Wing Bank's shared commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, aiming to create long-lasting value for their users and the community as a whole. 

About Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc – the bank for every Cambodian – is driven by the vision to provide every Cambodian with convenient access to financial services relevant to, and for the improvement of, their daily lives.

Wing Bank has revolutionised the way Cambodians access financial services by introducing instant, secure and convenient mobile financial services (MFS) since August 18, 2008.

Today, Wing Bank serves the entire Cambodian population with 100 per cent coverage of Cambodia’s districts thanks to the innovative Wing Bank App, more than 11,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents, over 165,000 merchants and partnerships with industry giants such as Mastercard, MoneyGram, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Western Union, Visa and Ria.

Wing Bank provides an array of advanced financial products both for individual and corporate customers. These include loans, deposits, micro savings, credit referral services, local and international money transfers, utility and insurance payments, supply chain payments, payroll services and even phone top-ups. In addition, Wing Bank offers retail payments via “WingPay” and has introduced the “Wingmall” e-commerce platform.

Both small and large companies alike are now using Wing’s payroll and disbursement services, speeding up payments. Over 80 per cent of Wing’s agents and 50 per cent of customers are women, making Wing a shining example of gender inclusion in the region. 

Wing Bank is committed to providing financial, gender and digital inclusion to the unbanked and the underbanked, allowing every Cambodian to enjoy convenience and security when it comes to financial services.

About MOVE – by LM CAR 

Founded in 2020, Move set out to be the first leading comprehensive hailing platform and provide solutions to users via mobile application. We put a great deal of emphasis on a good experience by ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers.

After playing a pivotal role as the primary transportation partner for the 2022 ASEAN Summits in Phnom Penh, Move achieved another significant milestone by becoming the official transport partner for the SEA Games and Para Games in 2023. This achievement marked an historic event for Move, as it coincided with Cambodia’s first ever hosting of the SEA Games in the 64-year history of the event, supported by the Cambodian SEA Games Organising Committee (CAMSOC) and the Ministry of Tourism.

We offer a range of services including 24/7 online ride booking, reservations, airport transfers, city chauffeur services, intercity travel, car rentals and personalised itineraries. Our team is dedicated to upholding a commitment to service excellence, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.