E-menus and Asian food for Park Café

E-menus and Asian food for Park Café

8 Kuy Vat and Chan Sy

A Sixth branch of Park Café opened in February this year at number 99, Street 136 near the Smile mini-mart and introduced an e-menu using iPads.

Park Café owner Kuy Vat, who is also the as CEO of V-Trust Group, says the e-menu makes things very conven-ient for changes to the food and beverage menu and very environment-friendly because it doesn't use paper.

Kuy Vat’s V-Trust Group consists of four companies including Atech IT Solutions, V-Trust Property, Park Café Food & Beverage and Kamhwa Stone Crushing Factory in Kampong Speu.

The first Park Café branch was established in 2004 and has since grown to six locations around Phnom Penh including outlets at Souvanna Market, opposite the Pasteur Institute, behind the Council of Ministers and at Kandal Market.

Kuy Vat said that even with the explosion of coffee shops in Cambodia, Park Café has a concept that caters to people across the cultural spectrum.

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Park Café is among the first in Phnom Penh to introduce e-menus to add high tech to the coffee house menu and ordering experience. Photograph: Hong Menea/Phnom Penh Post

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“We target both Asians and Western customers and we have a mixed variety of coffee either from Vietnam or Italy. We also focus more on a variety of Asian food, which is our specialty and instead of bakery and pastry, we focus more on providing foods to fit Cambodian taste.”

Park Café Food and Beverage Manager Chan Sy has trained the employees across the outlets in common recipes and common systems, according to Kuy Vat.

“Chan Sy has 18 years of experience and before starting a new branch, our people are very well trained for consistency in food, beverages and recipes at all outlets.”

Kuy Vat said Park Café wanted to differentiate by bringing in the e-menu concept.

“We seek to increase the speed of the service orders and reduce paper for menu changes,” he said.

Once the system has been perfected in the sixth branch, the same technology will be applied across the other five branches, he said.

The key to good management, he says, is encouragement and motivation for employees by providing promotion opportunities to those who are hard working.

Kuy Vat’s nick name is “Lao Ta” in Chinese meaning “respectable big brother” which was given from friends since he was a young boy.  He appreciates the respect he gets from friends and family members.

His first priority is to have a good health, a good relationship with family and good business.

Kuy Vat the family man, a father of three, likes to support an atmosphere of entrepreneurship as a key to success for Cambodia, with core principles of health and family.

“If you are a failure in your family life, and you do not have a good health, you cannot say you are a successful businessman.”

“It is very important that you know what environment you want and it will lead you to that environment,” he said.

Food and Beverage Manager Chan Sy says it is very important to understand the core protein content of foods and beverages.

He said people are often misinformed about coffee addiction.

“Caffeine can give you energy and freshness. It does not mean that you are addicted. It is a habit that people like to have freshness. People need to understand about nutrition including calcium and power through high protein foods like meat.

“Food and beverages provide proteins to the human body, and if you have the knowledge of the food and beverage components, you can eat and drink lesser amounts and still get plenty of nutrition for being productive. This also applies to coffee and fresh drinks,” Chan Sy said.