School enrolment rates in early childhood, primary and secondary education have risen after the government improved the quality of schools and teaching.

The Ministry of Education and Sports outlined key achievements in education during the 2020-21 school year, at its recent annual meeting.

School enrolment rates among children aged 3-5 rose from 88 to 90 per cent, while enrolment among girls and boys equalised.

The primary school dropout rate decreased from 2.14 to 2.10 per cent, and the overall dropout rate fell from 1.5 per cent to 1.24 per cent.

Enrolment in secondary schools now stands at 98 per cent. Gender equality in education has also increased, as the ministry has strengthened schools across the country and provided scholarships and other supportive measures for students from poor families.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports, Dr SourioudongSundara said last year marked the start of implementation of the five-year Education and Sports Development Plan for 2021-2025, which will gradually become a reality as part of the long-term education development plan.

Dr Sourioudong advised administrators in both public and private schools to make a serious effort to ensure that each school achieved its goals.

School principals must also carry out comprehensive monitoring and inspections while the Covid-19 outbreak persists, he added.

To achieve the goal to surpass expectations, it is essential to strengthen preschool education and increase the enrolment rate among five-year-olds, Dr Sourioudong said.