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Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Exciting Job Opportunity


Equal employment opportunity and commitment to maintain profile confidentiality are practiced here.


About "Amret"

Amret is a leading microfinance institution that concributes to the economics and social development of Cambodia by providing a wide range of financial services to the large targeted customers. Amret has its strong commitment and long-term business strategies to be a leading financial institution in the market.

Established in 1991, Amret's shareholder structure comprises well-known international stakeholders IFC, Advans, FMO, and LFP, as well as Amret's staff association (Botta). It has 139 branches, located in 25 cities and provinces in Cambodia, a USD 411 million loan portfolio and raised USD 200 million in deposits. It has successfully served over 394,000 customers, and has a staff of around 3,400 highly-dedicated employees.

Amret is seeking a highly-motivated CRO to support its ambitious network expansion plan and to strengthen its risk management framework.

About the Job

♦ Position Title : Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
♦ Closing Date : 23 February 2016
♦ Report to : Chief Executive Officer
♦ Location : PhnomPenh

The Chief Risk Officer is a member of the Executive Committee. S/he actively manages all risks that the company faces, helps minimize potential losses, and manages potential profit opportunities. The CRO oversees the execution of risk management activities and reinforces the risk management consciousness of the entire organization.

Duties & Responsibilities
♦ Lead development of risk management tools and methodologies (internal control, risk dashboard, KRIs, etc..) in order to prevent potential operational risks that might occur in the comapny;
♦ Oversee and monitor operational risk by working with all the departments and Head Provincial Offices (HPOs) to identify potential risks and implement prevention measures;
♦ Manage the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and lead development of Business Manual Guidance (BMG), to ensure continuity of institutional business activities in the event of unexpected events interrupting operations;
♦ Lead analysis of credit risk (portfolio at risk, concentration, business risk exposure, etc.), and provide recommendations to the credit risk committee for approval and follow up;
♦ Monitor financial risk in coordination with the treasury and finance departments;
♦ Identify and monitor strategic risk in liaison with the executive committee and provide advice to protect the company's interests;
♦ Communicate details of prospective risk to the executive management team, the Risk Oversight Committee (ROC) and the Board of Directors with key risk indicators and proposals of necessary action to mitigate the risk that may impact the company's business;
♦ Oversee three managers and two senior officers and indirectly manage 18 professional staff; ensure staff development in term of skills and awareness of dieir environment;
♦ Contribute to and share the company's strategic decisions.

Job Requirements
♦ Master's degree in Business Administration or Risk Management/Audit or any other relevant risk management certification;
♦ Minimum 10 years' experience in business and risk management in the Microfinance or Banking industry; including a minimum 7 years' experience as a senior manager with daily involvement in the strategic decision- making process.

Skills required:
♦ Excellent knowledge in all types of risk management in the financial industry;
♦ Advanced skills in impact analysis and measurement;
♦ Excellent critical thinking and solution-oriented;
♦ Ability to lead staff and be able to develop their skills;
♦ Self-starter & results-oriented person;
♦ Excellent written and spoken English.

How to Apply

♦ Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV to: [email protected]
♦ Only short-listed candidates will be INVITED for an interview. The documents submitted will NOT be returned.

#35 BA, Street Tchécoslovaquie (169), Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
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