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Ministry of Economy and Finance

General Department of International Cooperation

and Debt Management (GDICDM)




Location: Phnom Penh
1. National Project Financial Specialist (2 positions)
2. National Database Management Specialist (2 positions)
3. National Project Monitoring Specialist (2 positions)
4. National Project Management Specialist (1 position)
5. National Portfolio Management Specialist (1 position)
Term: Long Term
Following the new stage of national development and reforms led by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC), the international cooperation with the development partners (DPs) has been intensified with the increase of public
investments financed by the DPs. Therefore, the volume and complexity of work currently undertaken by the government officers who are in-charge of the external financed projects is steadily growing. In this matter, in order to meet the increasing requirements to promote the efficiency and quality performance of work, the specialist supports are significantly needed in certain key areas to effectively conduct professional activities and delivery of public services.
The GDICDM of the MEF is intended to recruit qualified national individual consultants (contracted staffs) for the positions: 1) National Project Financial Specialist; 2) National Database Management Specialist; 3) National Project
Monitoring Specialist; 4) National Project Management Specialist; 5) National Portfolio Management Speicalist in the GDICDM.
The selection procedure will follow the Government’s SOP.
The objective of this vacancy is to reinforce the performance of project management activities of the GDICDM, MEF, through the provision of efficient professional assistance by a qualified contracted specialist(s). This assignment involves a full range of responsibilities and activities in providing support to the GDICDM in the area of overall project management, monitoring and coordination of all development implementation activities for the externally funded programs/projects including their planning, budgeting, documentation and evaluation.
The Database Management Specialist will help the GDICDM in day-to-day operations and supervision of the projects, including analytical and statistical support to GDICDM on respective project portfolios’ management (comprising results monitoring, loans/grants/technical assistance (TA) administration, disbursements and procurement), as well as interactions with the concerned agencies/partners.
The TOR of each vacancy is available from the website: http://gdicdm.mef.gov.kh/
SALARY: Competitive remuneration based on work experiences and qualification
Interested candidates are invited to apply by submitting their CV and Cover Letter with relevant supporting documents to:
General Department of International Cooperation and Debt Management
Email: [email protected]
Closing Date: 14 December 2018