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Food Science Consultant


No: 05/15

Park Cafe Food & Beverage Co., Ltd (Park Cafe) is a leading Cambodian-owned company operating a chain of restaurants in Cambodia. The Company strives to offer a common dining experience across its outlets while providing a high-value, healthy meal in a relaxed environment conducive to discussion and building relationships.

In 2012, Park Cafe has partnered with Cambodia-Laos Development Fund, a Luxembourg-based private equity fund managed by Singapore-registered Emerging Markets Investments Pte., Ltd.

Now Park Cafe seeking a consultancy to support development of Food Safety on Product Preparation that is based on industry best-practice whilst being practically feasible for effective implementation in all Park Cafe's existing and future outlets.

Position : Food Science Consultant

The scope of the consultancy is expected to cover the following areas:
- Assembly of a cross-functional team from among the Management Team development of a strategy for engaging the team during and after the training conducted.
- Development of a good personnel hygiene practices and food preparation in a safety guideline.
- Conduct the analysis of all sauces in order to know the total molecular of Protein, Fat, Sugar, Salt Content, Moisture, Water Activity, PH and other chemical molecular that combined into sauces.
- Provide the technical improvement on sauce packaging to meet the food safety requirement so that the sauces can be preserved in bottles with a standard Hygiene Practice.
- Provide the technical improvement on meat packaging in a standard Hygiene practice.
- Conduct the analysis of the soup ingredients from liquid soup.
- Provide the technical improvement on soup packaging by convert from liquid soup to soup powder based on Park Cafe's recipe.
- Conduct a training of "food safety, HACCP, GMP and good personnel hygiene" to Park Cafe's staff and technical assistant to achieve recognition certificate from Ministry of Industry and Handicraft (MIH).
- Conduct the nutrition fact analysis of all Park Cafe's products.
- Provide the technical assistance in improving the layout of Park Cafe's kitchen in order to meet the food safety standard.
- Define the appropriate utensil and equipment list to use in the kitchen followed the standard criteria.

Interested candidates please send your summary proposal to Human Resources Department of Park Cafe Food and Beverage Co.,Ltd through address: #41,43,45, St. 271, Sk.Tomnub Teok, Kh.Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tel: 010 85 44 66 / 087 23 28 27, E-Mail: [email protected]