The 13th Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) is gearing up to take centre stage from June 25 to June 30, promising a terrific cinematic experience with over one hundred and forty movies representing more than 40 countries. 

“This year's pageant includes a various choice of short films and function films, documentaries, and animations, highlighting the rich tapestry of world storytelling,” according to the organisers. 

The CIFF, Cambodia's biggest and most prestigious international cultural event, will host screenings and activities at various cinemas and prestigious venues throughout Phnom Penh, including Legend Cinemas, Major Cineplex, the French Institute, the Bophana Center, the Rosewood Hotel Phnom Penh, CJCC and Fable Cinema. 

Admission to all screenings is free, making this pageant an inclusive celebration of the art of film.

“The festival will begin with a grand opening ceremony at the esteemed Chaktomuk Theatre on June 25, featuring the movie ‘Elvis of Cambodia’ by Chris G Parkhurst,” said organisers. 

This opening film will set the stage for a week-long celebration of cinematic excellence and silver screen storytelling from across the globe. 

The closing ceremony to be held on June 30 at Olympia Mall’s Legend Cinema, will honour the incredible contributions of filmmakers and artists worldwide.

This year's CIFF official poster features the fascinating artwork "Nature and Smile" (2022) by renowned Cambodian painter Chan Dany. 

Crafted from coloured pencil shavings on wood, the piece measures 110 x 80cm and depicts a serene human face reminiscent of Buddha, surrounded by intricately designed climbing flora inspired by Khmer-style Kbach motifs. 

“Dany's meticulous technique of the usage of pencil shavings and glue inspires the concord and tranquillity located in nature, symbolizing the ideal or energy of Buddha recognized as Baramey,” explained the organisers of the festival. 

They noted that his artwork invites viewers to adopt Buddha's approach of calm observation and appreciation for the complex beauty of nature, especially trees.

Dany's work reflects his dedication to reinterpreting ancient Khmer cultural forms through the lens of contemporary Cambodia. 

By merging traditional ornamental codes and mythological characters with modern materials and techniques, he preserves aesthetic and ethical values whilst embracing change and experimentation. 

The festival is proud to show off his art work for this year’s CIFF cover, in partnership with @STPCambodia.

The Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) is one of the Kingdom’s premier cultural events and has celebrated global cinema since its inception. 

CIFF promotes a vibrant film culture in Cambodia, fostering the exchange of ideas and narratives. 

It provides a platform for movie enthusiasts and creators to converge, celebrate, and explore the art of storytelling through films from around the world, all free of charge.

For detailed information on the festival's programme and schedule, visit the Facebook page: