Becoming a writer isn’t something that happens by accident but only through great effort and, in his case, with the support of his family, said book author Sou Savoeurn.

“Today isn’t an accident. It is the result of many yesterdays and the result of my parents’ dedication and precious instruction. Only through great dedication, both physically and mentally, and by risking my life have I achieved what I have today,” he said.

Savoeurn has written and published some impressive books since 2013, when his first book was published.

“These books are about developing personality, character, leadership skills and self-awareness,” he said.

The author was born in Samrong Tong district of Kampong Speu province and holds a Bachelor’s in education, Master’s in development management and a Master’s in business administration.

In 1993, he started teaching English and teaching inspired him to love education, but he hasn’t always been a teacher – his resume is quite long, with stints as a school director, work for several NGOs focusing on an array of issues from child protection to housing rights, executive director at two different organizations and in the for-profit sector as a national sales manager, training director, CEO and also as a board member and founder of his own company.

“Of course, my today’s results are not just due to family’s assistance, but also great contributions by teachers, professors and friends, and especially the chief of monks, monks and grandmothers of Wat Srah Chak,” Savoeurn said.