With an abundance of experience in crop cultivation and animal husbandry, Ny Buntha and his family are sharing their knowledge of agricultural techniques in a series of short instructional videos on their Facebook page.

The page, “Learn to grow vegetables”, was designed to help farmers learn more about their work.

Born in Sre Ambel district, Koh Kong province, Buntha explained that he launched the page to share the basics of mixed farming and animal husbandry with farmers who are new to the industry.

“The main purpose of creating the page was to share my knowledge and experience with people who want to start growing vegetables or raising animals. Broadly speaking, my knowledge of agriculture comes from techniques I apply on a regular basis. I want to share the benefits of them with wider society,” he said.

He added that he also offered several short online courses, including on chicken husbandry, growing hydroponic vegetables and other modern farming techniques.

“With a taste for taking and editing photographs and videos, sharing our experience and growing vegetables, we wanted to share our knowledge with other farmers,” he said.

“In addition to sharing free knowledge through our ‘Learn to grow vegetables’ YouTube and Facebook channels, we offer a teaching service, particularly on chicken husbandry and hydroponic vegetables. One course costs $30, with two courses costing $50. We send links to videos so farmers can watch and re-watch them, and we are available to consult with them should a problem arise,” he explained.

Buntha added that he launched the page in 2018 to share his knowledge of agriculture, especially a mix of crop cultivation around homes.

“Our knowledge will not guarantee growers a 100 per cent success rate, but rather serves as a foundation for farmers or housemaids who want to grow crops around their houses. They will learn about cultivation, selecting varieties and soil preparation – all important things to understand before they even plant their first crops,” he continued.

He said many farmers from around the country have voiced their support for the videos, including some from as far away as Takeo, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey. He had also been followed by several young people from neighbouring countries.

He added that he intended to continue making tutorial videos, as he wanted to share his knowledge and experience more widely, in order to support the development of the agricultural sector.

Buntha encouraged anyone with a specific skillset to share their knowledge, rather than keeping their knowledge and skills to themselves.