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Session Times for the first Cambodian International Film Festival
Thursday, October 21.

Friday, October 22.
Saturday, October 23.


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The world premiere of Cambodian filmmaker Chhay Bora’s Lost Loves will take centre stage at Chenla Theatre on Saturday as part of the first annual Cambodian International Film Festival, which will showcase global cinema to audiences in the Kingdom from October 21 to 23.

Cedric Eloy of the Cambodian Film Commission said that it was also important to show Cambodian films from the 1990s “as they demonstrate the will of Cambodians to make their own, to produce their own films”, despite a lack of resources.

He lamented a lack of interest amongst contemporary Cambodian producers, “who do not see the direct benefit of participating in a film festival, as a film festival doesn’t bring back money directly”.
But, he contended, festivals can open up access to an international audience.
He and other organisers said they hoped that the festival would demonstrate the benefits to local filmmakers and encourage them to participate in future years.

By showcasing Chhay Bora’s Lost Loves, organisers hope to do just that – and pave a way for local filmmakers to show their work beyond Cambodia.
Festival films were selected with the conscious intention of leading a revival of Cambodian cinema by engaging with different perspectives from international film.
“The idea of this program is to present feature films from around the world in a narrative way that is different from Cambodia,” Eloy said.

There will indeed be a rich array of films on display, including features, documentaries, a selection of films that have won the top prize at Africa’s largest international film festival, anime, shorts, French classics, and several 1990s Cambodian films.
The festival will provide a good taste of the contemporary – 31 of the selections were produced this year or last.

Festival screenings will be held at Chenla Theatre, French Cultural Centre, Lux Cinema and Bophana Audiovisual Centre, as well as outdoor screenings at Golden Sorya and Diamond Island. Three-day passes cost $5, or $1 for each film.
Treeless Mountain

Session times for Thursday, October 21


Chenla Theatre: Ali Zaoua (private)

CCF: Bardsongs

Lux Cinema: Air Wave


Chenla Theatre: My Tehran for Sale

CCF: The Watcher


Bophana Center: Rehje

CCF: Recaptured by DMC

Lux Cinema: Agrarian Utopia


Chenla Theatre: The First Sight


Bophana Center: My Neighbour, My Killer

CCF: The most Secret Place on Earth


Lux Cinema: Tilai


Bophana Center: Baara

CCF: World Short Films


Chenla Theatre: Vanished


CCF: Manila

Lux: Cinema: Drum

Session times for Friday, October 23


Bophana Center: Cartoons 1

CCF: Meekong Delta Blues

Lux Cinema: Chibi Maruko Chan

Chenla Theatre: Lost Loves


CCF: Bal Poussiere

Lux Cinema: Music Mission


Chenla Theatre: Ali Zaoua


Bophana Center: The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela


CCF: Shorts from the factory

Lux Cinema: Stolen Dreams

Chenla Theatre: The First Sight


Bophana Center: Spotlight on Kyrgystan + Old Mountain

CCF: Cartoon 2


Lux Cinema: Woman on Fire Looks for Water

Chenla Theatre: Treeless Mountain


Bophana Center: The Wanderers

CCF: BUNONG GUU OH + The Tibetan Offspring


Golden Sorya Market: Playtime

Diamond Island: Nostalgia


Chenla Theatre: Mindfulness and Murder


CCF: Gei Oni

Lux Cinema: Three Narrow Gates


Chenla Theatre: Manila

Session times for Saturday, October 23


Bophana Center: Tisch NY Film School

CCF: Lost Loves (private)

Lux Cinema: Cartoons 1

Chenla Theatre: Who’s Afraid of the Wolf


Lux Cinema: Scales of Justice


CCF: Doc CFC Film Lab – Rithy Pan workshop


Bophana Center: Tisch NY Film School

Chenla Theatre: Bardsongs


Lux Cinema: 5 Centimeters Per Second


Bophana Center: Passuer déveil

CCF: The Last Word

Lux Cinema: Flower in the Pocket

Chenla Theatre: Technotise Edit and I


Bophana Center: Trailer – Year Zero UNTAC Mission


Bophana Center: Kontinusasom

Lux Cinema: 15 Malaysia


Golden Sorya Market: Kirikou and the Wild Beasts

Diamond Island: The Rice People


Bophana Center: Treeless Mountain


Lux Cinema: An Evening After the War


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