5 cool things by Chun Banhap

5 cool things by Chun Banhap


Angry Birds
ANGRY Birds is a very popular video which has sold over 12 million copies. Players use a catapault  to launch birds at pigs with the intent of destroying all the pigs. As you get better, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player. It sounds strange, but it’s really addictive. You can see brightly coloured Angry Birds everywhere now. They are on many items such as iPhone4 covers, pencil cases, bags, shoes, T-shirts, key rings and toys.

Halloween party
THE word Halloween comes from “All Hallows eve”. It’s a tradition in countries such as the US that on October 31 people tell scary stories, watch horror films,  go trick or treating, attending costume parties, carve pumpkins and play pranks. People  dress up in scary costumes. Some dress  like ghosts, ninjas, witches, scary nurses, doctors and so on. Trick or treat is when kids dress up as a ghost or something else and go to their neighbours’ houses and say: “Trick or treat?” If the person who answers the door gives the children a treat, like a sweet, they will go away. If not, the children will play a trick on them. Sounds like fun.


WHEN travelling, you need something to put all  your clothes  and  stuff  in. Luggage is what you need when you’re travelling. It can help you with things that you can’t carry in your hand during a business trip or holiday. Moreover, it’s easy for you to carry and is available in many colours and styles. Luggage can be a fashionable accessory for teenagers and adults.

This is a new, convenient image-editing software that is totally free to download. It’s great for people who love to edit their photos.  You can edit individual images or combine three pictures into one. You can also pick a colour from any pixel and change your favourite photo to make it even better. Moreover, you can use the crop tool to cut out any unwanted part of an image and add a lovely frame. Last but not least, there are variety of fonts and colours for the user to put text on their picture. Download this software soon. You’ll enjoy it!


HERE’S something that can give you a lot of advantages: a wireless-PC-Pen. You can either use it as a pen to enter data into your computer or as a wireless mouse. The wireless pen can be used with many types of computer, such as IBM-PC, notebook or Mac, and is compatible with many systems: Windows ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and MAC OS. It’s small, easy to hold, easy to keep and has two functions in one. The Wireless-PC-Pen can save you time and money.