5 cool things by Heim Khemra Suy

5 cool things by Heim Khemra Suy


Are you looking for a thrill? Wait no more, jump on the Sodoku wagon and get prepared for the time of your life. You might think that the much-loved numbers puzzle called Soduko was created by a Japanese, but it wasn’t; the puzzle was designed by Walter Mackey, a puzzle maker for Dell and  published in New York in the late 1970s. It was introduced in Japan in the paper Monthly Nikolist in 1984 as “Süji wa dokushin ni kagiru”, which can be translated as “the numbers must occur only once”. Later on, the name was abbreviated to Sudoku (sü = number, doku = single). I won’t explain the rules to save space, but trying to figure out a Sodoku is a mixture of fun, excitement and frustration. Go on and entertain yourself with something that will work out your mind.

If you are having a tough time putting together plans, why not go and spend a day driving little cars and crashing them into your friends’ cars? It might sound too good to be true, but with the bumper cars at Parkway mall, it can be a reality. If you don’t have any friends, you needn’t worry, there will surely be other crash-happy people drifting in and out of Parkway looking for a slammin’ good time? With a few hours in a bumper car you can relieve your stress, take out your anger or quickly advance from being happy to elated. There is no mood that can’t be improved as you drive around in the bright lights and bump your car into anything that comes in its merry way.

Rubik's Cube
Everyone should solve a Rubik’s cube during their life. You will certainly face hourse of frustration, but when you finally get the colours to align, the sense of satisfaction will keep you smiling for months. The tricky block was invented by 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architect Ern Rubik. While most of us are familiar with the six sided and six coloured classic Rubik’s, there are new cubes coming out with all kinds or designs and colours. Choose whatever variation on the puzzle you prefer, just don’t add you name to the long list of people who have a Rubik’s cube hidden somewhere in the room collecting dust because they couldn’t figure it out. It might seem like a toy, but trying to solve a Rubik’s cube will help you learn to concentrate, be patient, and think fast.

IPOD Classic
It may not be the hottest version on the market, but the classic Ipod is still the true music lovers’ version. It doesn’t have the frills, such as video or internet access, as some of the newer models, but it can hold up to 160 GB of music, which is enough space for most people to store their whole library. That’s more than 40,000 songs, or about 10,000 hours worth of music. With 36 hours of battery life, you will need nearly 300 charges to make it through the whole list. The best part about getting a slightly older model of course, is that you won’t have to shell out as much cash.

Razor kicking scooter
If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd with your mode of transportation, but you can’t afford this year’s model of the scoop-y, think about a less expensive vehicle with two wheels. You might think that razor scooters are kids stuff, but they are still cool for those of us entering adulthood. It might not be quite as convenient as a motorbike, but your leg and back muscles will greatly benefit from a daily trip on a scooter. It has all the appeal of a skateboard, accept it is way easier to ride and onlookers will be blinded by the reflections off the shiny metal. So, surprise people with a smooth new scooter.


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