5 Cool things with Mak Kuleka

5 Cool things with Mak Kuleka

Circle lenses
When people look into your eyes do you like what they see? If not you can make your eyes look however you want with circle lenses, which can change both the size and color of your iris. These days many of my friends are embracing the look to be even cuter than they already are. There are so many colors; pink, yellow, green, blue, black, orange, silver… choosing your new optical hue is the hardest part. Moreover, you will never need to make our eyes bigger through photo-editing again, you can have wider eyes throughout the day, every day. The price for a pair of lenses is only $20 to $30, and you can wear them for up to half a year; so what are you waiting for!

Hair straightener/curler
Staying stylish isn’t easy these days. In an effort to stay fashionable, you can’t help but spend money and time on your looks. The key is to find products that serve multiple purposes. A hair straightener is the ideal product; the heated plates not only have the ability to straighten your hair as you sweep it from your roots to your tips, you can also buy ones that can give your hair a curly texture with a round barrel attachment. If you have considered the curly or wavy look, but are stuck with a one-dimensional straightened, you are in luck. With a little practice, you will be able to work more quickly when curling your tresses instead and kiss rollers and bad hair days goodbye.

Photo editing
Are you a Photoshop whiz? Do you at least have a little computer know-how? Ok, because there is a new way for you to make photos funny without having to spend hours mastering complicated programmes. There are a bunch of websites that allow you to apply funny effects, add ridiculous frames and a bunch of other easy manipulations. Go toLoonaPix.com, photofacefun.com, photofunia.com, orfunnywow.com, then upload any photo from your computer and turn it into something that your friends will love. After your picture has become a masterpiece you can easily save it and send it out to the world through email or post it on your social networking pages, or enter it into Lift’s photo-editing competition.

Steam, sauna and a swim
Does your typical evening or weekend afternoon include a stop at one of Phnom Penh’s many gyms and spas? If not you might want to adjust your planner. VIP Club, Phnom Penh Sport Club, Atlantic Club, The Place II and many other locations provide everything you need to recover from an exhausting day or get your blood flowing for the day ahead. Put together a gym itinerary that involves some combination of steam rooms, saunas, swimming and maybe a bit of working out and you will leave the gym feeling like a star. Besides soothing your mind, your body will also be better off for the time. Most of the modern gyms around town cost about 5 bucks for a day pass or you can get discounts for week, month or year-long passes.

Fake Jewelry
There’s little debate that jewelry is the finest accessory for any outfit, but what if you want to change your style but don’t have the wrist, neck or finger ornaments to match or the money to buy fancy new bling? Solution: fake jewelry. Build up your collection of cool-looking accessories that are also easy on the wallet, choose carefully and no one will even notice that your splendid sparkle is not real. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about losing it or having it stolen while you’re driving your moto. There might be a day when you are able to have real gold, silver and platinum hanging from your body, but until you hit it big don’t be embarrassed to settle for rip-offs. After all, being stylish on the cheap is much better than not being stylish at all.


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