5 Cool things by Oum Vannak

5 Cool things by Oum Vannak

Beats solo headset
Beats solo headset: THIS stylish headset can deliver any kind of music in your MP3 with amazing clarity. It’s also compact and comfortable to wear. The Beats solo headset is very popular among teenagers in developed countries, where it has become a fashion statement in itself. As well as that, it is designed and built to a high standard. The Beats solo headset is available in Cambodia, but is seldom seen because it is too expensive for the majority of Cambodians; only rich young people can afford it.

Nose up or Nose sharpener
NOW you can sharpen your nose without needing an operation. Nose Up is easy to use because it doesn’t interfere with your breathing, and just a few dollars will give you a sharper nose in a short time if you use Nose Up frequently. Because sharp noses are considered more attractive, Nose Up is very popular in Japan, Korea and China. Many types of nose sharpeners have come on the market recently, so you can choose whichever one you want.

Cartoon plaster

IT’S easy to suffer the odd cut and scratch, and you need plaster to cover these wounds so they heal quickly and are protected from infection. Cartoon plaster is a great choice, for it not only helps minor injuries heal but is also cute and attractive. As a result, some teenagers are using it as a style item. Gift shops and supermarkets stock many brands and types of cartoon plaster,
so why not try it?

Ginger Tea
IT’S time we turned to natural ways of curing  sickness. Ginger tea gives you energy, and helps to ward off diarrhoea and influenza. Ginger tea has been used in China for 2500 years as a tonic to warm the lungs and stomach. Spend only about $0.20, and you can make the whole family healthier. Boil grated ginger with some tea in 800ml  of water and wait about 15 minutes. You will get a tasty tea that is able to treat your disease and keep you in good health. Ginger contains vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.


BRUSHING your teeth and using antiseptic mouth wash are not enough to protect your teeth or mouth from disease, because small pieces of food always remain between your teeth, causing them to decay. Save money on dentist’s bills by using floss frequently. Floss also helps to keep your teeth healthy and white, and protects against bad breath – so start flossing your teeth now and become more confident. You can find many brands of floss in any supermarket.