5 cool things by Ran Thanun Vitu

5 cool things by Ran Thanun Vitu

Going Apple
Apple is known for having the sleekest and most modern technology in the world. Their products never fail to impress an eye looking for something with fast plug-and-play functions. The Macbook, iPad, iPhone and iPod are all signature products of Apple, currently taking the world by storm. The design and quality of new Apple products is consistently pleasing to buyers, which is why people are dropping some heavy cash to get their fill. In this instance, Apple is cool enough for the high price to match the product.

Anti-virus software
You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to get a computer virus and lose everything on your computer – all of your work, your photos and your music! Well, unless you’ve had a computer virus. And either way, you definitely want to set up anti-virus software on your desktop or laptop. A lot of good software is free now, and you can just download it from the internet without upgrading to a full program. Or, if you want to make your computer really secure, you can buy the license to upgrade or a software kit from a computer store. With a good anti-virus, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds is a great puzzle video game app for your phone released back in 2009. Over the past year, Angry Birds has attracted a huge cult following – probably, because you can play it just about anywhere and end up addicted. Test your brain and dexterity with the game, as you launch birds a set distance into obstacles to win the level. There are many new versions available, so you can fit your personal tastes.

Black colour shampoo
Going grey? Want to keep that gorgeous black colour where it belongs? Then hit up any good market in the Kingdom and grab yourself a bottle of black colour shampoo. Scientists have found a way to enhance our natural black hair colour, without the damage of dyes and chemicals. Not to mention, getting a better hair colour just by washing it is a whole lot easier than dying it. Don’t hesitate to try it out and get a kick of colour!

Rushing out the door for school or work with wet hair right after a shower is irritating. It doesn’t feel good in a climate like Cambodia’s, and on top of that, you never know how it’s going to look when it dries. So let’s fix the situation: grab yourself an electric hair-dryer! You’ve probably noticed that in all good salons, hair-dressers give their clients a blow-out with a hair-dryer. So, it’s not just good for getting the hair dry, but it’s also a really great style tool. Say goodbye to that matted wet hair and you’ll feel great and look great.