5 cool things by Sim Sorana

5 cool things by Sim Sorana

Red pockets
The Chinese New Year celebrations are a time for giving gifts. The Chinese have a special responsibility of giving their most cherished friends and family members – and traditionally, any guests to a meal – red pockets.

A red pocket is a decorative red envelope containing money for good luck. The Chinese believe the money will bring health, luck and wealth to the recipient. Common red pockets are painted on with gold colour, because red symbolises love and gold represents honour.

The more red pockets one receives, the Chinese believe, the more happiness he or she will have in the coming New Year.

Olive oil
Olive oil is an essential staple for a healthy lifestyle. The oil not only adds a delicious flavour to salads, veggies and other foods, but has wonderful health advantages we all need.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated (healthy) fats and it can lower cholesterol. Olive oil can also help to prevent heart disease. 

Doctors say we are doing our hearts a favour by choosing olive oil over other cooking oils. It’s easy to find in any Western grocery store.

Keeping a journal is the perfect tool to simplify your hectic life. We all tend to make life a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

We have appointments, school, work and a million other things we need to get to on a daily basis. But by just taking less than 10 minutes a day to schedule our activities in a journal, it’s amazing how easy it is to see how we’re spending our time and what our priorities are.

If you have some extra time after writing out your schedule, use it to write out what your values are and mark down both your achievements and goals.

Mandarin oranges
The mandarin orange is regarded in Chinese culture as a symbol of abundance and fortune.

Many Chinese still continue the popular tradition of giving oranges on the New Year. “Ji”, the Chinese word for ‘orange’, sounds similar to the Chinese word for ‘luck’.

During celebrations, Chinese exchange the oranges with friends, relatives and business-associates to pay their respects to one another.

The mandarin orange is rich in health benefits as well. It’s full of vitamin-C, and in traditional Chinese medicine the rind is used as an ingredient for regulating energy-flow.

Hand cream
Hand cream is the key to keeping your hands soft, smooth and feminine. Nothing  gives away a girl’s age like her hands, so we need to keep that skin healthy.

Hand cream keeps the skin firm and supple, and it also helps protect our skin from the harsh elements out there – like dryness and sun damage.

Your hands are a beauty statement so keep them fresh and healthy. Find yourself a good hand cream – it doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective – and start reversing the signs of aging.


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