5 cool tips with Chou Kimsea

5 cool tips with Chou Kimsea

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Dressing to go out
Being too stylish is not always a good thing; it may not be able to show off your handsome body. For gentlemen, dressing with jeans and simple white T-shirt is very suitable and looks good. You can add a sport jacket to make yourself look simple but very attractive.

Eating to stay healthy
If we want to be healthy and have a good looking body, eating is one factor that we have to pay attention to. We should achieve a balance among meats, vegetables and fruit. Too much vegetables without meat or too much meat without vegetables or fruit is not good. Some recommend a diet of 40 per cent meat per meal, meaning fruits and vegetables should make up more than 40 per cent.

Warm up before playing sports
Before playing sports, be sure to warm up and stretch. You could try jogging, shaking your hands and legs, or doing some simple stretches before you exercise. In addition, we should take a few minutes for meditation and take long, deep breaths before beginning.

All kinds of sports activities are good for you; however, swimming is a particularly good choice. It exercises your whole body at once and can help one relax and reduce stress. Some people like to have a specific time to swim. For example, if today you swim in the evening for one hour, then the following day you should do it at the same time and period. Such a schedule will help your body get into a routine. 

Reducing pain after exercising
Participating in sports or exercise for the first time may mean using certain muscles that aren’t prepared for the strain. This can lead to aching muscles or even shin splints. If you have shin splints, you should rest and gently rub and move your feet and toes. If your muscles ache after a long day playing sport, you can also massage the area with a pain-reducing lotion.