5 cool tips by Rosaline Dareth

5 cool tips by Rosaline Dareth

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Get your vehicle inspected frequently
Heavy traffic is an issue of concern in Cambodia, and everyone must take appropriate action.​ Have your car or motorcycle inspected regularly. You should check the lights, the tyres, the engine oil level and any warning signs on the dashboard.

If there’s a problem, get it fixed promptly. Even though this may cost you money, it could save your life.​ 

Respect life
When you’re in control of a vehicle, you are responsible for your own life and the lives of others on the road (animals as well as humans).​Always show respect to other road users; you have a destination, and so do they.​ Saving a few seconds won’t necessarily get you home safely, so drive carefully and considerately. 

Obey the traffic laws
Before you can drive on the road, the first thing you must do is be properly trained and obtain a licence.​If you learn what all the road signs mean, and obey them, you will be a safe driver.​If everyone obeyed the traffic laws, the number of road accidents would drop considerably.​  

Don’t drink and drive
Most traffic accidents in Cambodia are caused by drivers who have drunk too much. Never fall into the trap of thinking you’re the world’s best driver when you’re drunk.
If you’ve had too much to drink, stay where you are and call someone to pick you up. Pause to consider that your loved one or family members are waiting for you at home.
To be sure that safety is always with you, please drink responsibly, and don’t drive. 

Be your own mechanic
Know how to deal with common problems relating to your vehicle. Make sure you have a spare tyre (which is properly inflated) and the necessary equipment to change it, as well as some basic tools. Knowing how to change a tyre, especially, is essential.