A day in the life of a radio producer

A day in the life of a radio producer


Running up and down from the first floor to the second, from her office and then to the studio room – clutching a handful of documents – Hour Chan Thou, Executive Producer of radio program ‘No is No’, is busy confirming her software documents and managing her team for the live show due to air in the next hour.


“Tuesday mornings are the busiest times for me. There is a lot for me to do to have my live program run smoothly and successfully,” Chan Thou said.

‘No is No’ is a segment on radio station’s Women’s Media Centre on 102FM and is directed by Chan Thou. It focuses and educates people on sexual health - with a primary focus on AIDS. The target audience for the program is those working in the sex industry, those who do not practise safe sex and those prone to substance abuse.

Twenty-nine-year-old Chan Thou holds an Economics degree from the Royal University of Law and Economics. Since she graduated in 2004, Chan Thou has held her position at the WMC, which she said has provided her with knowledge and experience in radio production and composition.

She said radio drama is the core of her program, as it is the best way to entertain and educate people at the same time.

Since most of the programs in WMC require radio drama, Chan Thou has two positions in her radio programming: radio director and drama producer.

“Making a radio drama is not an easy job. The producer has to be a good Khmer writer, and he or she must be a creative and imaginative person,” she said.

Chan Thou said the secret to producing a quality radio drama that captures the audience is to research the real issues that are affecting our society.

Otherwise, interviewing someone with an interesting ‘real life’ story also grabs the listener’s attention.

“From what I have observed, biographical dramas are welcomed by listeners because they are more emotional.”

Chan Thou explained that recording the voice of actors is also a crucial task.

“Besides composing the drama, I have to observe other functions of production such as editing and sound mixing. I have to make sure that everything works together to bring the best radio drama.”

With a busier than usual schedule this year due to her new project ‘No is No’, Chan Thou said she is always on the lookout for any hot or new issues affecting Cambodia to present on her show.

She would like to see other media broadcasters to get more involved with educational programs that benefits society, and in particular, youth.

Chan Thou said youth will greatly benefit listening to her radio program on 102FM.

“Usually, I spend one week producing a one hour program - I put a lot of effort in it. So I’d like to suggest to youth to listen to my program, even if it’s just once, and I guarantee you will get something out of it.”