Lon Ly Fonia tells of her travelling fashion

Lon Ly Fonia tells of her travelling fashion

“This week, Lift magazine is pleased to share the style of a freshman majoring in tourism at Asia Europe University.

“The way I dress is not too sexy or too formal, and it suits my appearance,” Lon Ly Fonia said, adding that you may also call her style “civilised”.

Fonia, 19, says that what she wears day-to-day mostly depends on the circumstances. For example, when she travels she likes to wear clothes that make her look attractive to surrounding people.

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She feels that less (clothes) is more (attractive): “I like to wear short jeans or short trousers with a fashionable shirt that has a small stitched line on the shoulders.”

Obviously clothes are the most important when it comes to appearance, but like most girls Fonia also cares about makeup, especially if she is going out for a night on the town. She takes it easy on eyeliner, creams and powders though. “I like natural-looking makeup, so I do not use strong highlights on my eyes. Sometimes I just apply some powder to my face, draw a little eyeliner and wear contact lenses that make my eyes look bigger,” she said.

Not quite as natural is Fonia’s hair colour, which she likes to change occasionally to make her stand out even more. “Black is fine but I like my hair with a little colour because it’s easier for me whenever I want to style my hair style and it simply helps me look beautiful.”

Hair, makeup and hot pants don’t complete the lady look – girls need bags and shoes, too! “I love fashionable bags with side handles and I am open when it comes to shoes, as long as they go with what I’m wearing. Mostly I just go with sneakers, but if I want to dress a bit sexy I’ll wear high heels.”

Dressing up to look attractive before going out gives Fonia a feeling of confidence. “Before going out, we can see that our clothes fit our body. Thus, we have confidence and know that it will make us look attractive and catch the eyes of people around us.”