My style: Aun Sokagnata

My style: Aun Sokagnata

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People always think of tall, slim ladies when they think of style, but larger people also have their own fashion theories.

Aun Sokagnata, who does not have a slender figure, believes every woman has the right to dress well, no matter what body type they have. Kagnata, who loves to dress simple, wears short jeans and loose shirts when she is not in the classroom.

Something to be noticed is that Kagnata takes good care of the colour of her dresses. From her point of view, some colours make her look big.

“I like simple and not too sophisticated … I like a bit of dark colour such as black or dark brown because with these colors, I will look thin, and not too fat,” said Kagnata,

“But if I wear pink or red, I will look even fatter.”

For Kagnata, clothes do not have to be expensive; she just wants to appear simple and beautiful and not too far afield of the crowd. She does not over-pamper herself with new ranges of beauty treatment, even if she can afford certain things.

“My preference is to be simple. If the clothing is worn everywhere, then I do not wear it. I do not want to wear something many people are wearing.”

On special occasions, Kagnata prefers wearing short dresses with dark colours because she thinks that people do not discriminate against dark colours at parties nowadays. Kagnata, who usually wears sneakers or flip-flops, prefers wearing high heels at parties.

“Joining the party, my high heels must be about 10 centimeters. Moreover, for a fat person, wearing high heels helps us look even prettier because we look taller and not short and fat.”

For make-up, Kagnata mostly cares about her eyes rather than the rest of her face. She does not put on heavy makeup.

“When I go to school, I sometimes put on mascara, but when I hang out with friends, I mostly draw eyeliner and mascara,” she said.

In order to appear beautiful, Kagnata always wears a big watch when she goes out with friends because she believes that small watches are not compatible with her figure.

The other cherished accessories that Kagnata never forgets are rings, earrings, necklaces, and bangles.

Plump people also have their own styles and techniques to make them beautiful. The most important rule is that people should wear anything they feel comfortable in that does not take their dignity away. Being yourself helps you to stand out from the crowd.