Online software fixer

Online software fixer


It’s the 21st century, and the world has entered a new age we call ‘post-industrialisation’. With globalisation and new technology, many employees in developed countries are choosing not to work out of their company or factory offices. Instead, they’re staying home and plugging in online with their computers to get their daily jobs done.

In Cambodia, information technology is still behind – especially when compared to developed countries on the cutting edge of technology. Many people here do not pursue an interest in learning new computer and information technology skills. For many, it’s hard to believe that the younger generation can do their jobs and earn money by staying home.

This week, LIFT introduces you to an exciting job that’s done from home: online software fixer.

A career as an online software fixer is indeed rare in Cambodia. The job requires knowledge and good skills in information technology, particularly software. Online software fixers provide their services to employers remotely, using the Internet to fix software problems.

Instead, one can simply call an online software fixer to solve the problem. The client provides his or her ‘generated unique ID’ to the online software fixer, and the online software fixer will use a program – Teamview – to connect to the broken computer. Through Teamview, the online software fixer can repair the software remotely, through the Internet.

“If owners are using a desktop computer or are living far away from a repair shop, using an online software fixer is the best choice,” said Heng Danin, 25, an online software fixer. “It will be faster and there is more security for the client’s computer documents.”

He said that although he cannot earn much from the job – at $15 per software fix – it is a job that keeps his interest. He added that he never had to go through the anxiety of preparing a CV and having a job interview, and he feels both independent and free.

“Staying at home with your computer and an internet connection, you are able to earn enough money to make a living. Plus, the more you fix, the more computer knowledge you gain,” he said.

Some information technology students might have a challenge trying to secure a job as an online software fixer, as these skills are not taught at their universities. If one wants to become a qualified online software expert, he or she must do a heavy load of independent research on software.  Heng Danin stressed that “I spent almost two years doing research before I could fix many different kinds of software problems”.

At the end of my talk with Heng Danin, he introduced me to some Internet websites, including Google,, and a Facebook group named ចែក​គ្នា​និយាយ IT​. It means “share and talk about information technology.” He said that these websites are all ideal sources for any young job-seeker looking to do research on software, or have an interest in becoming an online software fixer.


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