Searching for invisible answer

Searching for invisible answer

Four types of fortune tellers face off as Lift looks to determine the best way to look into the future.

By Vorn Makara
Many Cambodians do not dare to go to fortune tellers because they are afraid the fortune teller will say something bad about their lives, but some like to hear predictions.
I had never believed in fortune tellers, but still decided to try one. I had to give the year and month of my birth to the fortune teller, who also asked to look at my teeth, head and ears. Then he proclaimed I would have a good and fantastic future and become a wealthy woman. He also said that in the next five days or so I would have good luck and get everything I wished for. What really amazed me was when he said two men would ask to marry me this year.

However, after five days some things he said were correct and some were not. For three days I was happy with my studies because I had finished all my assignments before time and I was also praised by my lecturers. However, I had some health and study problems during the last two days. I couldn’t focus because I caught a cold. I didn’t read any lessons.

While I was riding a motorcycle to school I had an accident, but was not injured. And the end of the five days, while riding home a small insect hit me in the eye and it started to swell. I am waiting to see if two men ask to marry me this year. I will let you know.

By Tet Chann
Do you ever think about your destiny? How often do you think about your future?
If you answered yes to the above questions and you’re a Cambodian, you need a fortune teller.  

So I went to see a fortune teller who could read the palms of my hands. The fortune teller asked me my birth year and name while looking at both palms.

I was surprised when he asked to touch my neck and hair and to see my teeth. He then said I would have a good life and become rich and live as a Chumtav (the wife of a high ranking officer or a very rich man). He said I may have some bad luck because I lost two molars, which I had extracted after a toothache two years ago.  

He added that if I still had the molars I would become rich soon. He claimed that if I still had the molars I would have $1,000 in next few months.

I did not believe him, but it is true that I have been happy recently and have done well with my assignments or exams, as he said.

I think he guessed the things that I love, like my father more than my mother. I have spots on the sole of my foot and on my back which he said were bad luck.

There were a lot of funny things rather than sad ones during my 15-minute talk with the fortune teller. I just hope what he said comes true.

By Tivea Koam
Are you superstitious? What do you think about fortune telling? I have always been a sceptic, but last week I went to Wat Phnom with some friends to see what they predicted about the next five days – I had many things to deal with in that time. There were many kinds of fortune tellers there, but I picked cartomancy, or reading my fortune by the cards.
Before I started I was asked to pray for what I wanted and told to shuffle the cards nine times. The fortune teller told me that many girls loved me. That’s great to hear, but not what I went there for. She then told me about my next five days, saying I would be able to handle everything successfully. That made me happy, but she added that if I did not try hard enough, I would not get what I wanted in the next five days.

What she told me made me feel good. At first, I didn’t believe her, but after doing well over those five days I changed my mind. My final radio report to my lecturer turned out okay and the feature story I finished for my professor had only a few mistakes. The other courses I was doing were good too, and now I can say that I have some faith in fortune telling. But who knows? 

If you have doubts about fortune telling, go and see for yourself rather than read about what happened to me. For only 10,000 riels you may see your future.

By Ngo Menghourng
There are many ways to predict our fortunes or futures. As I am a student studying media and communications and also a freelancer for Lift, I was curious to know what would happen to me in the future, so I went to Wat Phnom to have my fortune read for the next five days.
At Wat Phnom I decided to choose the script style to tell my fortune. At first a layman prayed and then asked me to close my eyes, he put the script on my head, and let me pray. During my prayers, I wished for good luck over the next five days and hoped any bad luck would go away.

Then I had to guess my fortune by taking a small piece of wood and stabbing it into the script before giving it to the layman. He told me it was not good and to try again. I did the same again and gave it back to him. I then felt afraid because I did not want to have any bad luck.

Luckily for me, he said that I had a very good result because I would have a lot of money and everything would soon be good for me. You should remember that you can only try three times when getting your fortune read this way. Now I think the script fortune is true because I have a lot of money and everything is good for me. My father came to visit me in Phnom Penh and gave me money.


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