Take a taste of fresh seafood at នស២រ

Take a taste of fresh seafood at នស២រ


The Sea Food restaurant in Phnom Penh, on street 432. Photograph: Phnom Penh Post

At Sea Food restaurant tables are covered by white umbrellas, staff wear blue T-shirts with pictures of sea shells: guests could almost believe they were on the seaside, rather than in Phnom Penh.

The new restaurant, on street 432, near Toul Tom Pong, which opened November 3 2012, serves food fresh from the sea.

Unnpheng Tithvisey, 30, said: “I promise that all the food we provide is fresh,” and added that, beside sea food, they also serve beef, chicken wing, chicken leg and other dishes.
The decoration – wooden tables and chairs – is quaint, the service is highly commendable, and the price is acceptable.

“We cater to our guests’ needs: even if the food they order is not listed on our menu,” said Tithvisey.

The restaurant is open from 3pm to 9pm and if guests want to host a party, they can call the following numbers: 011 956 288 or 092 188 188.