Trash collectors must think of the environment

Trash collectors must think of the environment

8 kid and Trash

Most people put their trash and waste into big plastic bags and keep them in front of their houses for the rubbish truck.

Before the rubbish truck arrives, trash scavengers, mostly kids, always come and look for cans, plastic, hard paper, iron and glass. The house owners do not mind the collectors looking for valuable bits of rubbish, but those activities harm the environment and scenery in front of the house.

When the young trash collectors come to find those things, they usually destroy the rubbish bags and take out the waste. It makes the area in front of the houses dirty and smelly. This is especially a problem for nearby restaurants and other businesses. Furthermore, neighbors may become angry at homeowners who leave rubbish on the sidewalks.

When the trash collectors come to find things to salvage, they should make sure that they do not make the area in front of the houses dirty. In addition to helping the homeowners, it will make the entire street tidier and pleasant to look at.


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