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Welcome to LIFT issue 59

Welcome to LIFT issue 59

If you have strolled through Phnom Penh, Siem Riep, or any other urban centre recently, there is a good chance you have walked by a cafe coffee shop. If you are a Cambodian student or professional, you probably stopped by for a drink and a chat with friends.

It seems that, regardless of how many coffee shops are built and opened, there are just as many people looking for a new place to kick back, log on, or get down to work and get a few refreshments. In this issue we look at who’s driving the ever-rising demand for cafes and who’s benefitting form all these customers (page 12).

Our other feature looks at the impact made possible by Khmer blogging and we ask one of the most read young political bloggers in the Kingdom what she thinks about the censorship situation these days (page 10).

We spotted our youth of the week on a trip to Battambang (page 4), and we have a double dose of “What’s new,” with reviews of  movie and an new art space just for Cambodian youth.