What are your expectations for this year’s ASEAN Summit?

What are your expectations for this year’s ASEAN Summit?

Chea Vanna Rath, 22, fourth-year student at Pannasastra University
“Since Cambodia is a poor country in Asia, I think that ASEAN will grant Cambodia special permission for Cambodia to export goods without taxes to other ASEAN countries. I think ASEAN will build up our education system by providing scholarships, exchange programs and academic experts. I hope that ASEAN can help to solve our conflict over border territory. “

Lim Kim Heng, 23, fourth-year student at Royal University of Law and Economics
“Since Cambodia is the chair of the ASEAN Summit this year, I really think that ASEAN will bring many benefits to our country. In recent years, we’ve seen our country stabilise politically and also grow economically, so I hope that the Summit shows that we’re ready for even more development. At the same time, I hope that the Summit addresses the cruel behaviour of Thai soldiers to our citizens. I want ASEAN to find justice for the victims. ASEAN ought to really show care over international law.”

Se Tola, 22, fourth-year student at Royal University of Phnom Penh
“My expectation of ASEAN is to lead all 10 member states to co-exist with one another through peace and forgiveness. The Cambodian government should encourage citizens of ASEAN to visit our country by promoting our historical culture. Likewise, Cambodian youth should study harder and become legitimate competitors with other ASEAN youth to be prepared for the free market in 2015. We need help from developed ASEAN member states to sharpen our education system – they should provide more scholarships and opportunities for study exchange.”

Van Sokun Nimol, 21, second-year student at  Centre for Banking Studies
“The fact that we are hosting this year’s Summit will show the world that we are capable of developing economically. I expect that the Summit will improve our reliability and appeal to international investors, as well. This is a good start for us to become a developed country in Asia.”

Chenda Soviphea, 21, fourth-year student at Institute of Foreign Languages
“What I expect the most from the ASEAN Summit this year is to develop technology in Cambodia. Cambodia is still far behind other ASEAN countries when it comes to technology, so I hope we can develop like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia – and use their expertise to develop our tech industry. Young Cambodians, especially, need to gain knowledge of new technology and can help our country by utilising our natural resources.“