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What's New?

Even though I was full, I still wanted to eat more.

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You are famished and you happen to have 10 bucks to spend on a meal, there may be no better place than the new IBBQ Grill & Soup to stuff yourself.

I had seen the new restaurant, which opened on Friday off Sothearos Blvd. while it was being built and was interested to get my friends together to find out whether or not IBBQ Grill & Soup would become a mainstay in our social schedule or a one time occasion. Oh yeah, and so I could write a review for Lift, of course.

Accompanied by two friends, I walked into the new spot for dinner and the friendly staff greeted and seated us. Like many places trying to look more modern, they were wearing matching black outfits.

Incandescent lights were shining from wooden ceilings, painted black to match the aesthetic of the outfits on employees walking underneath.  I’m not sure where the restaurant’s style comes from (Japan?), but it felt like an ideal place to enjoy a meal on the town and chit chat with friends. Unlike Shabu Shabu, another buffet nearby, there is no time limit on eating so you don’t need to rush through your food. 

Opened from 3 in the afternoon to 11 at night, the shop can seat and feed around 80 customers on barbecued meat and soup. There are a wide variety of meats available, laid out in a grid on the menu to help you choose what else you want with your meat. There are only a few simple types of seafood, like squid and shrimp, but a waiter told me it was only the second day, and they planned to have more options. I hope it’s the truth.

They also have meatballs made of beef and fish, but those at my table found the fish meatballs to be a bit sour. However, if you stay away from balls and opt for fresh vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, cabbage and others, you won’t be disappointed as they give the soup delicious flavour.

We mixed in butter with our soup, which already contained vegetables, eggs, beef, meatballs and Chinese noodles, and once the smell began to conbine with the scent rising from the barbequed shrimp and squid we grabbed our spoons and got started.

A few minutes later we were feeling less hungry, but we were still very interested in eating. “Even though I am full, I still want to eat more,” said my friend, as I nodded in agreement with my mouth full. “This food is really delicious.”

We didn’t try everything at the restaurant, as we were too full by the time we finished soup and barbeque to try fried rice and some of the other items on the menu. We weren’t quite so stubborn when a waiter came to tell us they also had desserts, which we were yet to try out and we couldn’t help ourselves.

The dessert turned out to be a disappointment, not because I was too full, but because the ice cream was too hard to eat and the jelly didn’t live up to its attractive appearance on our plates. But, despite the unimpressive sweets, IBBQ proved itself to be an excellent place to sit and socialize with your friends and family. It is a bit expensive, but everything about the atmosphere, including the sweet serenades playing over the speakers, will make you happy when you dine there.

There weren’t many youth eating there when we went, but I suspect that will change when word spreads about the new spot. Now that you have read this review, I hope you will check it out for yourself and make IBBQ a new possibility every time you talk about where to go out to eat. If you have a birthday or another celebration on the horizon, IBBQ will also take off 20% if you host a celebration there. Party on!


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