Youth of the week: Chheang Chan Rath

Youth of the week: Chheang Chan Rath

Twenty-seven-year-old Chheang Chan Rath has been a computer programmer and coding software since he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Royal University of Phnom Penh, back in 2010.


Since he’s started his job, Rath – with a specialty in data – has coded programs that control and calculate spending, incomes, sales and inventory.

When he finished university, Rath coded a program for SARIN Printing House that helped to manage their payroll. After that, he moved on to code a program for teachers that helps them manage their students’ attendance, scores and more.

“Coding a program is not an easy task, because we [programmers] have to spend a lot of time and use our brain to think about the whole process,” Rath said.

Rath added that before he codes a program, he discusses in detail with his customers about the program to find out exactly what they want. Then, when the programmer starts collecting data, he explained, the programmer moves on to analyse it.

Once the code is finished, Rath said, the programmer spends his or her time testing the code to make sure it all runs smoothly.

According to Rath, coding a website involves a more creative process.

When he developed a site for the Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia, he realised that the programmer has to not only make code for outside users, but also make code that caters to the company’s administration – allowing them to edit, update and make changes to the site.

The job requires Rath to stay patient while maintaining a strong enough level of creativity to make code that provides his customers with convenient platforms.

“There’s a lot of pressure working as a programmer,” Rath said. “I have to spend a lot of late nights finishing my projects.”

“However, when we love our work, we can work through being tired.”

Rath said that in the future, he wants to pursue his Master’s in Information Technology to learn even more about the field.

“If I have the chance, I also want to own a small business with my family, but I’ll always stay in this career because it’s my favourite work,” Rath reflected.


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