Youth of the week: Kim Sophanita

Youth of the week: Kim Sophanita


Ability, creativity and diligence are the reasons behind why I got my dream job,” said 25-year-old Kim Sophanita, the newly-appointed Executive of Market Data at the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX).

Sophanita graduated Royal University of Law and Economics with a Bachelor’s in Banking, after earning a scholarship.

She said that while in university, it had always been her goal to work in the finance sector.

“I interned at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC). During this internship, I gained an adequate knowledge of the stock exchange,” Sophanita said.

Working at the CSX is no easy day-job for Sophanita and her colleagues, as it requires precise attention to detail around the clock.

“As an executive, I have to manage many things directly dealing with the market system, so I must be very careful and responsible in order to avoid any mistakes that would affect trading,” she explained.

Sophanita’s been an outstanding student since high school. She’s always demonstrated a special talent for math, and this piqued her interest in finance when she began university.

To succeed in studying the stock market, Sophanita noted, “Self-research is very important. Even if the CSX is new, there are many websites and resources available.”

As the quickly emerging stock market continues to raise curiosity across the Kingdom, more universities are adding Banking as a major to their curricula. Sophanita says this will prepare students for a highly competitive job market in the financial sector.

“Competition brings development, and I’m happy to welcome more Cambodian youth into the business who can become real experts,” she added.

Sophanita is optimistic about the future of the CSX.

She wants to make Cambodia’s stock market just as developed as other countries in the world, she reflected.

In Sophanita’s opinion, the stock market is a crucial component for the development of the Cambodian economy.

She hopes that many other young Cambodians will show a willingness to study or understand more knowledge when it comes to the stock market, and that one day Cambodia can compete as a viable contender within the international financial market.