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Youth of the week: Phoeun Sokun and Amy

Youth of the week: Phoeun Sokun and Amy


Phoeun Sokun and Amy. Photograph: Phnom Penh Post

“Love makes people taste millions of flavours.” This sentence implies that humans beings know and experienced the power of love.

What should people do to manage the love they have and to maintain it for a lifetime?

Mr. Pheoun Sokun and Miss Amy represent a successful couple in love.

Sokun and Amy met when they worked on a social enterprise in the provinces. After a lot of memorable events, love started to blossom between them.

“I love Amy because she is a good woman and we have a lot in common,” says Sokun. “Initially, after being a friend for six months, I confessed my love for Amy, but she did not accept me. After some more time and effort on my part, Amy told me that she also loves me.”

It has been several years now and the couple is more in love than before. They officially announced their engagement according to Cambodian tradition earlier this year.

“It’s our luck to live with a family who give freedom and independence to their children,” says Sokun. “When we introduced ourselves to each other’s parents, we told them our good points. As a result, because of confidence in our abilities, our parents didn’t rebut. They observed our personalities and offered advice.”

Besides being successful in love, the couple is also very successful at a professional level. Sokun, at the age of 26, works as an accountant for a private company and as a young business entrepreneur. At  25, Amy works as a staff in a private company.

“In order to have a positive relationship, people have to learn to manage time well,” says Sokun. “They should stay focused on their tasks whenever they are at the workplace, and spend the rest of their time with their loved one.”

After the engagement, the couple has a clear plan for the wedding.

In the meantime, they can learn more about each other and organise their finances.

“After our wedding, we will strengthen our relationship to last forever through honesty, understanding, and confidence with each other,” says Sokun.

“We have a plan to run our own business, and especially we want to have children.”   

“To get a long lasting love, we have to love a person from the heart and commit to take that person to be our future partner, because if we only love a person's appearance, like money and beauty, this love will only last a very short time. Besides, before loving someone, we should try to understand each other's value system and if we observe that the two people have different values, this love will also fade away after a short period of time.”

“It is true that it really hurts when we are broken hearted, but we must not destroy ourselves due to love,” says Sokun giving his own piece of advice.

When we are broken hearted we should spend our time with friends, doing exercise, and other happy things. We have to value ourself so that without love, we can still survive.

LIFT would like to wish Sokun and Amy a bright future in their love and career.