Youth of the week: Som Somalina

Youth of the week: Som Somalina

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In a room at Perfect Skin Lab (Dermalogica), a young woman dressed in a white uniform and mask, her hair pulled back, was cleaning her customer’s face and setting a bottle of Vaseline at the corner of table.  

Twenty-three years old, Som Somalina, a skin therapist at Perfect Skin Lab, said, “Customers come here with different problems; some have sun burn, dry skin, freckles, acne, allergies, and some just come to have their skin checked.”

“Doing skin therapy for people is never the same; it depends on their skin and the problem they have. For example, some spend a few weeks having their skin treated and some spends months having their skin repaired,” she added.

After graduating high school, Somalina trained for several months at Perfect Skin Lab before becoming a skin health therapist.

She said one of the most important things people can do to take care of their skin is to adequately protect it with sun block. UV rays from the sun can damage skin and lead to freckles, she noted.

“Everyday skin regiments should include washing with soap and water to rid the skin of oil and dirt, and to help exfoliate old skin cells,” she said. “Facial masks and Vaseline are great for moisturising.”

Somalina said the biggest challenge she faces in her job is communicating with foreign clients, as her English is rudimentary. In those cases, she asks her college-educated colleague to help translate.

Because some clients don’t come to get their skin checked regularly as recommended, Somalina says she shows clients how to best use skin care products on their own.

When not working, Somalina uses her free time to take care of her family.  

She said, “In the future, if I have the chance and can still afford to support my family, I will pursue my studies and try my best to train other youths who love to learn about health and skin care.”