Interview with David Van, rice expert

Publication date 12 March 2014 | 15:06 | ICT

Over half of the private sector firms felt that vocational education and training programs do not yet meet the needs of the business community as last month’s CAMFEBA report, “Pathways to Prosperity” states.



  • Youths having lunch at the Drug Addict Relief Association of Cambodia (DARAC).

    The story of a young teenager: Drugs, Crime, Regret

    Publication date 25 December 2013 | 08:18 | ICT

    “The police are coming!” his friend shouted. Two of his friends had already been arrested. Now it was time for him to decide how to run. It was clear that if he got caught, $1,000 would be needed.

  • Duong Leakena ( 3 from left ) took pictures with classmate and professors at AUW.

    Life in Bangladesh​

    Publication date 25 December 2013 | 08:15 | ICT

    Duong Leakena, 23, a senior student at Asian University for Women (AUW) majoring in philosophy, politics and economics, shared her life experience in Bangladesh with us.

  • Christmas dance app

    Publication date 25 December 2013 | 08:11 | ICT

    It is fun to see yourselves as dancing elves with nice music and in a Christmas suit. Install Elf Yourself on your smartphone to create such happiness with your sweetheart, friends or family.

  • An animated ambition full of Depth

    Publication date 25 December 2013 | 08:21 | ICT

    A mong the producers of millions of phone apps around the world is a young Cambodian, Yok Chivalry, 27, the creator of the popular game Asva.

  • Oum Tharoth practices Bakato.

    Oum Tharoth: Young Cambodian fights for martial art

    Publication date 18 December 2013 | 05:51 | ICT

    “I want to be a strong woman who can protect and preserve Khmer martial arts and culture,” says a young lady who is passionate about Bokator. Oum Tharoth has been well-known as a Bokator fighter and performer since 2008.

  • Cambo Headbanger Strives to Develop Khmer Rock ‘n’ Roll Scene

    Publication date 18 December 2013 | 05:53 | ICT

    In the 1950s Khmer rock music started to blossom. Initially influenced by Western rock and pop culture, Cambodian musicians created a unique sound by mixing Western melodies with Khmer lyrics.

  • Elder Duffy and Elder Sat explain the doctrine of salvation. LIFT STAFF

    Salvation exclusive: ‘I am worried about my family because they are not Mormon’

    Publication date 18 December 2013 | 06:06 | ICT

    In front of the district building of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the Church of Mormon, opposite Hun Sen Library LIFT meets Elder Sat and Elder Duffy, both 19, from the US.

  • Chhit Mom, 49, fortune teller.

    Career as fortune teller helps increase customers’ confidence

    Publication date 18 December 2013 | 05:49 | ICT

    “When I was seven, I dreamt that I could predict future events correctly. I woke up and then tried to predict what was going to happen to my neighbours and they appreciated my accuracy.

  • Sor Chandara editor lift .

    Editor’s Letter: What do I think about religion?

    Publication date 18 December 2013 | 06:04 | ICT

    Religion is obviously one of the important structures in Cambodian society. It has played a key role in leadership and nation building for a thousand years.

  • IELTS Speaking

    Publication date 18 December 2013 | 05:49 | ICT

    Cambodian English students often complain that their English pronunciation doesn’t actually sound like English.