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Military’s role to help government, PM says

Military’s role to help government, PM says

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday reiterated a warning to anyone working against the government: The military will take action against you.

“Any activity against the law, the constitution, the nation, government and monarchy, RCAF must take immediate action and counterattack. There is no neutrality between the armed forces and the government,” he said.

The speech yesterday afternoon, given at the closing of the five-year review of the armed forces, came a day after RCAF commander General Tea Banh said the military was biased towards the government.

“[RCAF] is neutral in front of the political parties only. But if an individual, a group or political party works against the government, we absolutely have to take action,” Hun Sen said yesterday.

The premier delivered a similar speech last week during the annual review of the Ministry of Interior.

In an apparent jab at the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, Hun Sen cautioned against “extremism”.

“The ambition of the extremist group that attempted to topple the legitimate government [after the 2013 election] violated the law and principles of democracy in order to achieve what they called change,” he said.

“RCAF has to be vigilant for acts of colour revolution and must not allow it to happen. We will not hesitate to take action against any group that could bring the country towards civil war.”