Prime Minister Hun Sen lauds China’s efforts in promoting regional integration and supporting multilateralism, particularly in the face of complex global economic situations and various social and environmental challenges.

While addressing the closing of the first high-level meeting of the “Forum on Global Action for Shared Development” via video link on July 10, Hun Sen also voiced his support for the creation of a Chinese-led framework to drive economic growth, specifically in developing countries.

The forum, attended by 27 countries and over 20 UN agencies, as well as various international non-governmental organisations, fostered discussions on significant global matters.

Hun Sen applauded China’s initiatives, such as the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and Global Security Initiative (GSI), both introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping, as crucial for aiding socio-economic recovery in developing nations.

“As the world gravitates toward multilateralism, we need realistic action plans to pool resources, decrease the digital divide, strengthen supply chains, and boost regional and global production. I believe in a framework that includes detailed strategies and cooperation mechanisms, especially formulating action plans and financial backing for priority projects, to ensure effective implementation of these initiatives,” he asserted.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, echoed the sentiment, emphasising that multilateralism demands the involvement of all countries. He noted China’s significant role in global economic development and “maintaining world order”.

“China is pivotal in the emerging world order. Even US treasury secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged China’s importance, stating that the US and China should collaborate. This implies that the US cannot dismiss China’s contribution to global development,” he said.

Further detailing China’s role on the international stage, Peou cited how China serves as a crucial supplier of raw materials and supports the industrial sector in developing countries like Cambodia. He cautioned that conflicts between global economic players like China and the US could negatively impact the world, particularly in geopolitical terms.

Thong Mengdavid, a research fellow at the Asian Vision Institute’s Mekong Centre for Strategic Studies, said the GDI and GSI would uphold peace and cooperation worldwide. These initiatives, he added, are pivotal for global economic growth and prosperity.

GSI was proposed by China with the objective of ensuring common security, cooperation and sustainability. China said GSI strives to eradicate the root causes of international conflict, rectify global security governance and encourage global efforts, all for the sake of stability amid global fluctuations, and promoting peace and long-term development.

In parallel, the GDI was initiated to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a goal to ensure balanced and common growth.