Newly-appointed German ambassador to Cambodia Stefan Anton Messerer said his expectations prior to arriving in the Kingdom for his diplomatic posting have mostly been met, and he vowed to boost bilateral cooperation as well as draw German investments into the country.

During his meeting with Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh on October 10, Messerer lauded Cambodia’s rapid development, noting that German assistance also contributed to the Kingdom’s growth over the years, according to Hun Sen’s personal assistant Eang Sophalleth.

“In the meantime, [Messerer] informed [Hun Sen] that during his term as ambassador he will try his best to encourage investors to put more money into Cambodia,” Sophalleth said.

He said Messerer also applauded Cambodia for its strong stance against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the Kingdom’s effort to find a solution for Myanmar’s ongoing crisis.

According to Sophalleth, Hun Sen thanked Germany for its contributions to development in Cambodia, such as the recent German aid donated to the Kingdom for the fight against Covid-19.

On the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Hun Sen said that along with his firm opposition to the invasion, he is also opposed to the level and nature of the sanctions levied against Moscow as a penalty because of the knock-on effects they are having on the global economy.

“For the sanctions regime, there should be some reconsideration of that,” Sophalleth quoted Hun Sen as saying.

Hun Sen further stated that Cambodia’s efforts to find solutions in Myanmar were aimed at bringing peace to the people of the predominantly Buddhist country as well as for the region and the world.

He reiterated that on his trip to Myanmar earlier this year, he pushed very hard, both behind the scenes and publicly, for a ceasefire, provision of humanitarian aid and commencement of a political dialogue and negotiations between the warring parties. But he stressed that increased tolerance, patience and more efforts are needed to move the plan forward.