The National Centre for Peacekeeping Forces is set to dispatch 101 new ‘blue-helmet’ troops from the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) unit to the Central African Republic in December. The units equipment for the new troops will be shipped in mid-September.

Atul Khare, UN under-secretary-general for operational support met with Sem Sovanny – director-general of the National Centre for Peacekeeping Forces— last week at the UN headquarters in New York to discuss the move.

Khare confirmed that the ship transporting their equipment to the UN mission in Central Africa will depart from Cambodia in September 20.

The centre said in a September 9 social media post that the UN under-secretary-general for operational support had announced that the 101 troops will be sent to Bangui city in the African nation.

It added that UN officials reviewed and evaluated the 101 new troops in March, to ensure they were capable of fulfilling the roles required of them.

The inspectors commended the centre the high state of readiness of its forces and resources. More than 200 Cambodian blue-helmet engineers are currently carrying out missions in the Central African Republic.