An American man accused of the murder and attempted rape of a masseuse at a massage parlour in the city of Kep was arrested today in neighbouring Kampot province.

The suspect, Shawn Daniel Sanchez, was arrested near a roundabout in Kampot town this morning while attempting to flee, said Oeng Sam Ol, the Kep provincial police chief.

Sanchez is suspected of killing Luch Kean, 27, who worked at Lyda Massage Khmer in Kep's Crab Market, he said.

“There was good cooperation from people and some guesthouse to help our authorities to identify the suspect," Sam Ol said. "The suspect was arrested on Wednesday and it only took 14 hours to arrest him.”

Sam Ol said Sanchez was currently being questioned by police officials in Kep. Images released by the National Police appear to show Daniel with scratches on his neck and face. A photo of his passport on the National Police website indicated he was 24.

Vanny Seyha, who owns the parlour but was away at the time of the murder, said Sanchez, who had come to the parlour on Monday, had returned on Tuesday night and insisted on getting another massage from Kean.

He said another employee, Srey Pov, saw Sanchez leaving the parlour with scratches on his neck.