Angkor Beer – the "Gold of Angkor" – has a new look, one that is more stylish and carries a premium appeal, as well as a fresher taste and smoother flavour, making it the perfect choice for any gathering.

Angkor Beer recently launched its new design, one that embraces national pride by showcasing the decorative "Kbach" style of Cambodian art.

This further strengthens Angkor as the national beer, one that continues – as it has always done – to put Khmer heritage and culture to the forefront.

“We have been in every Cambodian’s heart for more than three decades, and we pride ourselves in being seen as the 'national beer', particularly because we always carry Cambodian pride, culture and values within us.

"The distinctive new packaging emphasises the brand’s proud cultural connection with the rich Khmer heritage.

"It reinforces our long history, along with the beer’s premium quality and highest levels of craftsmanship,” said the Angkor Beer management.

Angkor Beer has become a top product of Cambrew – the first brewery in Cambodia – which historically has always shown the highest levels of commitment to brewing the best varieties of original Cambodian lager beer and stout.

Angkor Beer constantly aims to provide its customers with great experiences which relate to their passions and creativity.

“It is part of our bold plan to solidify the brand’s reputation as vibrant and innovative to satisfy millions of our loyal Cambodians consumers – especially the new generation, who value quality and have become more discerning about the beer they drink.

"It’s a testament to our constant pursuit of brewing better beer, and our unwavering passion to innovate and give consumers new and exciting experiences,” the Angkor Beer management added.

Consumers can, while drinking responsibly, now enjoy the new Angkor Beer – the Gold of Angkor – at home and at any social gathering.