For April’s Angkor Sangkran event, the Ministry of Tourism plans to organise an event called “My Village” to showcase the workmanship of Cambodian young generations to national and international tourists. The celebration will be held at the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap during Khmer New Year.

Tourism ministry undersecretary of state and manager of the project Sok Sangvar chaired a January 27 meeting to review the progress of the working group’s plans.

“We have carefully planned an event which will be superior to previous celebrations. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Angkor Sangkran, and the first event we have held since the disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic. We aim to make the event a driver to attract domestic and international tourists to the Siem Reap,” he said.

“We will stage eight major performances and will display the giant sculptures of everyday khmer objects that were such a hit at previous celebrations,” he added.

The projects include an ancestral heritage house display, which will feature performances of the chapei dong veng, ancient harp, Lakhon Khol characters and folk dancing displays.

There will also be a replica of the house of one of the Angkor nobility, which will feature Kun Lbokator competitions representing the noble’s personal guards and an insight into the daily lives of the wives and maids of the household.

One part of the programme will be dedicated to traditional Khmer cuisine.

“Khmer pastry experts will also show how to make “Khmer Nom Banh Chok”, a local variety of rice noodle, from beginning to end, including the base soup, and the noodles themselves. This is sure to attract the masses,” said Sangvar.

He explained that the almshouse or Sala Chheutan project will represent the worship and religious practices of the ancient Khmer, some of which will be recognisable to guests.

There will also be a small market which will display traditional Khmer food and handicrafts, along with traditional clothing worn to celebrate the Khmer New Year.

The main stage will feature hundreds of artists, and will span the full gamut of traditional performances, from classical dance to Khmer circus.

In addition, a DJ booth with top quality sound system will play traditional Khmer New Year folk songs to keep the crowd moving.

Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA) president Chhay Sivlin said that the event is bound to be a success, as many tourists are extremely interested in seeing and experiencing ancient Khmer culture.

“An event of this size is bound to attract both local and foreign guests,” she said.

Sivlin said that in addition to entertaining the crowds, it will also be an opportunity for visitors to reflect on the achievements of the ancient Khmer. For Cambodians, it will be an excellent chance to share their rich cultural birthrights with their children, and encourage them to love their culture and embrace the preservation of ancient traditions.