Pich Chenda High School in Battambang province's Phnom Preuk district played host to the June 8 influential '2023 Job Exhibition'. Over 300 twelfth grade students attended, seeking comprehensive guidance on further education and career prospects.

Held annually since 2017, this year's exhibition welcomed 331 students from both Pich Chenda and Buor high schools. Pech Chhoeut, the principal of Pich Chenda, told The Post that the event was co-organised by 31 civil society organisations, educational authorities and members of the private sector.

Chhoeut explained the fair's purpose was to enable students to make informed decisions about their futures before heading off to university. The event served as a platform for students to access information about their dream job opportunities and the realities of their chosen career paths.

“The exhibition came to life after we introduced an orientation programme with our teachers serving as trainers. They then pass on this training to students from grades 10 to 12," he said.

“Even before graduating, students need to have access to vital information,” he added.

Booths at the exhibition offered a wealth of information regarding education and employment opportunities. Chhoeut highlighted the importance of each of the stalls, saying they granted students the chance to explore various technical issues, learn about future study skills or even consider vocational training options.

“We invite 31 institutions to show students that continuing their studies is not merely about learning from others or parental pressure," he said.

“They need to understand their knowledge, passion, and natural inclinations,” he added.

Nam Saroeut, Battambang's World Vision Phnom Proek district programme manager, stressed the importance of these annual events.

“Our involvement alongside other institutions is aimed at orienting the young people of this remote area, especially those in grade 12, so they can prepare and align their skills, knowledge, and interests after graduation,” he said.

Ke Siv Mey, a twelfth grader from Pich Chenda, expressed her appreciation for the informative session, highlighting the Dreams Training Centre in Siem Reap as an option that caught her interest.

“The fair shifted my perspective significantly, enhancing my understanding of the work I love. Their vocational training programme lasts for ten months, covering all costs including accommodation, meals, and school fees. All I have to do is study hard,” she said.

Siv Mey also showed interest in the Law and Social Affairs programme at Build Bright University, due to her fascination with public administration.

“They explained the course in detail, and let me know which subjects I need to focus on to support my studies,” she explained.