The Ministry of Tourism formally announced that it has rolled out updated tourism development plans for 2021-2025 in Battambang province in order to attract domestic and international tourists to visit and also to attract investment to the province.

In the planning documents, the Battambang provincial authorities said that they have a clear vision with objectives, development strategies and detailed action plans for sustainable, effective and responsible development.

The current plans are in line with the roadmap to rebuild and promote Cambodia's tourism sector post-pandemic and under the priorities and principles of the provincial Department of Tourism.

Battambang provincial governor Sok Lou said that the plans showed the rich and unique tourist potential in the province. The province is rich in unique resources, especially ancient temples, pagodas, architectural points of interest, the bamboo train at the Banon Mountain resort and all kinds of biodiversity in the Tonle Sap Lake area.

He also appealed to investors and NGOs in the public and private sectors to take part in boosting the tourism industry in Battambang going forward.

“I call for the support of all relevant parties to use these resources as a compass in the development of tourism in Battambang in order to stimulate social economies, human resources and enhance the quality of tourist products and services,” he said.

Director of the Battambang Provincial Department of Tourism Uch Ou Phinisara said that the plans will be an important roadmap for the development of tourism in Battambang.

“As the leader of the Department of Tourism, I firmly believe that the current tourist development plans 2021-2025 in Battambang will contribute actively to the development of tourist products and destinations as well as enhance the quality of our tourist services and human resource development. The plans will also contribute to preserving cultural heritage, protecting natural resources and stimulating sustainable local economic growth,” he said.

The Battambang provincial Department of Tourism said that travellers to Battambang have on average stayed at least two nights and three days while making use of local transportation and accommodations as well as consuming food and beverages, hiring tour guides or entertainment services and shopping for souvenirs.

Domestic tourists spend an average of $50 while visiting and international tourists spend an average of $110.

The year 2020 saw 470,872 domestic tourists visit Battambang province who brought in more than $23 million in revenue, while 33,887 international tourists brought in more than $3.7 million to the provincial economy. These numbers are expected to rise sharply with the lifting of all pandemic related travel restrictions now in effect and tourism beginning to rebound.