The Battambang provincial administration has revealed the launch of an online information programme as a pilot project.

It is intended to streamline requests and provide administrative services in four key sectors: tourism, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, culture and fine arts, as well as industry, science, technology and innovation.

This programme, available through the provincial hall’s One-Window Service Office, was announced by Battambang’s provincial governor, Sok Lou.

Lou expressed optimism that this online system would modernise administrative services in the province, making it easier for people to make requests.

“After examining each service request, the staff of the One-Window Service Office will contact or notify the applicant to collect the result,” Lou further explained.

For collection, applicants must attach the necessary application forms, signatures, and relevant documents for review.

Yang Kim Eng, president of the People’s Centre for Development and Peace, applauded the move towards digitalisation.

He noted that with the increasing use of smart phones and advancing technology, the introduction of such a programme significantly facilitates user interaction.

He stated that the programme aids those making requests, saving time as they don’t need to visit the office. They can simply go to the administration’s website and fill out a form, making the process more straightforward.

“In my view, this aligns with our technological progress, which is making a substantial contribution,” he said.

“Adapting different sectors of the one-window service office to match this emerging technology is necessary,” he added.

He explained that online service provision could offer more transparency than in-person services. If this online service is used, the individual is required to sign for the results.

“If this trial proves successful, it could expedite services for residents, potentially reducing corruption at the sub-national level and improving our governance system,” he said.