The National Committee for Consumer Protection (NCCP) announced that advertisers who had been told to correct fraudulent or misleading adverts now have three days to demonstrate their compliance.

According to an NCCP notice dated October 31, the advertisers are required to provide documentation to the Directorate-general of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression (CCF) to prove that their ads are in line with the laws and would not confuse the public.

“Correct the content of the advertisements so they meet all legal standards and regulations. If any violations are found, legal action will be pursued,” said the notice.

The NCCP noted that the CCF first issued a September 8 notice giving the businesses in question 30 days to make the corrections. And on October 18, the business owners were invited for a meeting at the Ministry of Commerce to provide clarification. Since then, the CCF said, some of the businesses still have not complied.

The CCF seeks to prevent illegal activities related to advertising as well as encourage honest business practice, promote fair competition and ensure the protection of consumers’ rights, said the notice.

Phos Sovann, director-general of Information and Broadcasting at the Ministry of Information, said the ministry is waiting on a sub-decree on advertising guidelines to come into force before it could take action.

“We will carry out any duties required of us under the sub-decree,” he said.