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Cambodia, Laos, VN officials meet

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Cambodia hosts CLV meeting to combat cross-border crimes in Phnom Penh on Tuesday. Hean Rangsey

Cambodia, Laos, VN officials meet

The technical commissions of the National Assemblies of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos met on Tuesday in Phnom Penh to discuss strengthening the development of information exchange and finding solutions to cross-border crime and security issues.

The discussion focused on “monitoring the roles and duties of the commission, national defence and security commission of the National Assemblies of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in building cooperation and development at the border in a peaceful and friendly manner”.

It was organised by the Commission on Interior, National Defence and Civil Service Administration of the National Assembly of Cambodia with participation from their Vietnamese and Lao counterparts and around 100 senior officials.

The discussion promoted the development of a triangle area to strengthen and promote the development of information exchange, as well as find a solution to cross-border crime and security issues like drug and human trafficking, money laundering and illegal logging.

Nguon Nhel, the National Assembly acting president, told participants that security and national defence are the most important and necessary aspects of ensuring national development in the Kingdom.

“No matter how many positive results we get, we still have challenges such as drug trafficking and human trafficking, illegal exports and imports and illegal logging.

“These issues require all of us, both legislative and executive bodies and relevant parties, to continue to make efforts to jointly resolve them and make sure that security, peace, stability and public order are ensured,” he said.

Nhel also urged the three countries’ governments to strengthen ties, friendship, solidarity and cooperation to mobilise resources and speed up the development of the triangle area effectively and transparently.

Kin Phea, the director of the International Relations Institute of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, welcomed the commitment and efforts of the three countries in the fight cross-border crimes but said that prevention remains limited.

“The governments of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos have a good idea to join hands, but the actual implementation is not successful, especially with regards to cross-border drug trafficking.

“The drug issue is still a hot one and they have to push for further law enforcement to prevent it from occurring,” he said.

Political analyst Meas Nee said that it is difficult for Cambodia to fight cross-border crimes as law enforcement in the Kingdom remains limited compared to Vietnam and Laos.

“When two countries [Vietnam and Laos] are strict but Cambodia is lax in law enforcement, it will make it difficult,” he said.