In a notable endeavour, the Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CCF) seized and destroyed over two tonnes of spoiled and expired food products during June.

This action followed an intense campaign involving 57 market inspections nationwide.

According to a CCF report seen by The Post on July 2, the inspections resulted in the disposal of 2,456kg of unfit food products, a decrease from the three tonnes confiscated in May.

“Food products seized and destroyed were notably fewer than May’s haul,” the report detailed.

CCF directorate-general Phan Oun emphasised the regular inspections carried out across the country to curb the circulation of unsafe food products.

Oun noted that the CCF has since early this year imparted food safety law and hygiene education to nearly 20,000 students across 31 schools nationwide.

He reiterated the serious repercussions of consuming unsafe food on individual health and the economic wellbeing of society.

“We call on the public to be more diligent and ensure a proper check before choosing a food product.

“In addition, businesses have been reminded that non-compliant sales, particularly of food products, will face legal consequences,” he said.

A UNICEF report paints a worrying picture of children in East Asia and the Pacific, including Cambodia.

The study showed these children lived amid poor-quality food, with more than one in three teenagers consuming at least one sugary drink daily and over half indulging in fast food weekly. Less than half reported consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables each day.

UNICEF linked this unhealthy diet to the children’s living conditions, plagued by persistent advertising for poor-quality food at every turn.

This revelation in early March 2023 spurred the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport to inspect school vendors and remind them of foods posing a high health risk.

In accordance with ministry guidelines, schools are prohibited from selling various types of foods: items past their expiration dates, alcoholic and tobacco products, energy and sugary drinks, coffee, ice cream, syrups, chocolate, candy and gum, jellies, donuts and sweets.