Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol reminds vehicles owners to have their vehicles inspected or they would be fined. More than 170,000 of the Kingdom’s more than one million vehicles are overdue for inspections.

Chanthol issued the reminder as he attended the inauguration of a Dei Hoy vehicle technical inspection centre, run by So Brothers Co., Ltd., in the capital’s Sen Sok district.

The minister said that having the inspections would help owners to avoid traffic accidents and contribute to the protection of the environment.

“To avoid long waits and congestion at inspection centres, owners can book appointments online,” he added.

Chantol said that regular vehicle inspections are important, as it meant vehicles would be safe on the road. It reduced the number of accidents caused by mechanical malfunctions and reduced the number of vehicle emissions, which had a negative effect on the Ozone layer.

He urged more companies to establish inspection centres in those provinces which lacked the facilities, as this would bring the service closer to the people.

“We are inspecting a number of applications. If they are qualified, experienced and have quality equipment, we will grant them permission,” he said.

He said that a vehicle that missed an inspection would be fined 500 riel for each day it was overdue.

According to the Ministry, the Dei Hoy branch is the fifth licensed inspection centre run by So Brothers Co., Ltd.

Kim Pagna, country director of the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP), said standardised vehicle inspections are an excellent way to ensure vehicles are safe for use on public roads, although the policy needed to be adopted alongside education for individual drivers.

He supported the ministry’s push for owners to get their vehicles inspected, but also questioned why so many vehicles remained uninspected.

“Carelessness and concerns of being fined large amount of money may be causing owners to avoid having their vehicles checked out. I suggest that the ministry and the licensed inspection companies find ways to encourage them to come forward, as it is a great way to reduce traffic accident and other related issues,” he said.